Users On AlphaBay Market Having 502 Error

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Error 502
AlphaBay users have raised concern about a 502 error message that’s affecting the site’s ability to load.

AlphaBay Market has been experiencing loading problems that have made some people become wary; product listings are not loading, according to some users.

Those who try accessing the site are met with a processing gateway error, and requests also cannot be completed.

Chances are high that AlphaBay Market has been doing an upgrading of their systems, with the downtime being a temporary inconvenience which will soon go away.

It seems as if the problem started during the previous weekend when a 502 error message was first witnessed by users.

In light of this development, AlphaBay Market urges visitors to refresh their page regularly and then try again later when the site comes back up again.

The darknet market has not changed a bit since its inception and users have various products to choose from.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Nevertheless, there are those who claim that this issue has probably been caused by the Thanksgiving holiday promos, and once it is over things will get back to normal.

HTTP Status
502 bad gateway error

However, this is not the first time that the AlphaBay darknet market is encountering loading problems on their platform, it happened before but they have come back even stronger.

Those who cannot access the site despite trying everything possible can still try using new mirrors to see if things will work.

If you still have coins in your account then this is the best time to withdraw them, before things potentially get worse later on.

The site is currently accepting withdrawals so long as the basic minimum requirements are met. Though the marketplace was working just fine a few days ago, it started giving error code messages when some users placed coins in it.

AlphaBay Market has not yet given any responses regarding this matter, making some people become suspicious as to their real intentions.

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