Tochka Market Announced Vendor Verification

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Tochka Market, a popular darknet marketplace, has announced that all sellers should now undergo a vendor verification process before selling goods.

Tochka, one of the most popular dark web markets, has earned a strong number of customers and sellers in a short span of time.

Originally established back in 2015, the darknet market has quickly won the trust of people who carry out anonymous transactions using the dark web.

Compared to many other sites of its kind, Tochka Market has created a name for itself by being more transparent and easier to access. And now, on Tochka’s third anniversary, the site is further expanding its business model with a new vendor verification system.

The Tochka Market admins announced that the new system is meant to deter scammers as Tochka’s user base continues to grow.

Verification for Tochka Sellers

Tochka Market is a Russia-based darknet market which operates in English, Russian, Spanish, German and several other languages.The ease of communication has attracted thousands of buyers and sellers from around the globe to make use of the site.

The advantage is that unlike many other darknet markets that are often difficult to find, this particular spot focuses more on attracting new users through transparency.

Your TOR usage is being watched

When you deploy a search online, you will find lots of resources with regards to the site and the way it operates.

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Tochka, one of the most popular dark web markets, has earned a strong number of customers and sellers in a short span of time

Tochka Market is about to expand further as admins recently announced that they are going to add a vendor verification process.

Anyone who is completely new to the scene might find this common because popular marketplaces on the internet like Amazon or eBay usually have a verification process.

But things are entirely different in the dark web where anonymity is everything. One of the features that made this a popular choice is that sellers can post any item and sell it to the highest bidder.

They will never have to call the seller or contact them in a way that may compromise their anonymity. Instead, they can simply ship the item to a common location or directly to the buyer with minimal communication.

Such freedom is enjoyed by the buyer as well, as they experience full anonymity and there is no need to bargain directly with the seller. Once the trade is finalized, the product will be shipped.

There’s even a seller review and rating board where buyers will leave comments. If they are satisfied with the product, they will provide positive feedback.

The overall operations are very similar to a popular marketplace on the surface web with some unique advantages.

Verification May Improve Sales

The admins behind Tochka Market believe that once vendor verification is rolled out and implemented, it will attract more buyers. The range of products available on the darknet market—which may also include some illicit content—will find more buyers.

A satisfactory customer experience is what they are aiming to achieve. New sellers can sell up to five items and pay 10 percent in commission while anything more than that requires a verified account.

On Tochka Market, every user has the option to refer new members, which is the only way to get onboard.

Based on the comments by some Reddit users, it is also evident that some of the long-running buyers are not happy with Tockha’s new policies.

Being a darknet market, Tochka Market was formed on the basis of anonymity and is designed to never connect its buyers or sellers through a common database.

As such, the new vendor verification policy has made some users suspicious as they opine this could be a trap to bring dark web vendors under control.

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