TheRealDeal Market’s Main Administrator Has Vanished

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TheRealDeal Market is a dark web marketplace, and it specializes in computer exploits and selling stolen data.

The online black market became famous for the wrong reasons this year following its involvement in the sale of data from a number of massive data breaches, which includes data from Myspace and LinkedIn.

However, a few weeks back, the main administrator of the Darknet market stopped being active on various forums.

According to Motherboard, the main administrator has not logged into the chat accounts of the dark web marketplace for more than 40 days now.

A hacker by name Peace, who has sold a number of large data dumps on this dark web marketplace, reportedly told Motherboard during an online chat that the sudden disappearance of the administrator without the management saying anything or putting up any kind of notice regarding his departure is very strange.

TheRealDeal which has been in existence since early 2015 has been able to fill a gap that was present in the dark web economy.

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While most marketplaces concentrated on selling drugs, weapons and, sometimes, stolen credit cards, this dark web marketplace focused on selling computer exploits.

They soon became a sought after marketplace for hacked data and stolen login credentials.

The last message from the admin was posted on June 23. Peace also said that it is not sure as to how long TheRealDeal can last without an administrator.

This is not something new as far as the website is concerned.

They have faced mysterious on-goings as well as having setbacks in the past, too.

The dark web black market suddenly went offline in July 2015, but reappeared a couple of weeks later, and the owner of the website reportedly told Motherboard then that he was the only free admin available at that point in time.

According to him, the three administrators that the site had were all arrested during raids carried out at another cybercrime hub by name Darkode.

During this summer, the dark web marketplace received a great deal of attention as Peace made use of the website to sell data hacked from many of the mega data breaches.

Recently, Yahoo said that the company has initiated investigations after details of as many as 200 million Yahoo users were advertised by the hacker on TheRealDeal.

Peace has also reportedly said that he had been working with the main administrator of TheRealDeal on other projects as well.

He referred to the administrator as S.P. Peace also noted that after S.P.’s absence, he got in touch with the marketplace’s support staff once for the purpose of sorting an issue related to his account.

Though the staff members responded initially, they soon stopped communicating with him or replying to his messages.

Following this, there has not been any activity from anyone responsible for managing the operation of TheRealDeal.

Motherboard spoke to the main administrator for the last time about two months back.

However, Peace does not believe that TheRealDeal Market is trying to pull off an exit scam and run away with the funds of its customers.

The tactic commonly employed by scammers is locking dealer accounts. This enables them to steal customers’ funds.

However, vendors on TheRealDeal are currently able to withdraw money from their accounts, according to Peace. He is not in a position to withdraw money from his account because of a PIN issue.

He also observed that the inactivity on the part of TheRealDeal could be due to the arrest of the main administrator or an accident suffered by him, but it is just pure speculation.

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