Silk Road 3.0 Back From The Dead

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SRWelcome(Update:  We have posted Silk Road 3.1 guide here . How to Easily Access Silk Road 3.1 [12 easy steps])

Yes, you read that correctly -Silk Road 3.0 is indeed back online! Since this weekend, May 7th to be precise, and with a new set of security upgrades, a new login design, a slightly new marketplace design, and the same old admin team.

It’s been a while since it went offline, according to it allegedly went down for some security upgrades, in January.

Needless to say, the cynics among users immediately suggested it was an exit scam.

Despite the fact that Silk Road 3.0 was run by the same admin team that runs Crypto Market – that also went through the same scenario – went down at one point this year to improve on some security measures and came back not a few months ago.

Since then, Crypto Market has been recognized by the users as one of the most secure market on the Deep Web today.

Your TOR usage is being watched

So after this little “intervention” by the new Crypto Market team of developers, it is reasonable to expect an even more reliable and safe Silk Road3.0.

(Especially if you consider that markets on Deep Web don’t just – come back online after some months! Even Agora, that had a very strong and loyal community, a thriving business and was considered by many a true heir of the first SR, hasn’t yet come back, although many believed it would, and still might.)

Silk Road Brand

Silk Road idea has occupied the imagination of many ever since the enormous success of Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road.

And I believe we can all agree that this idea will never stop to exist, despite the epic downfall of the original SR.

icebergdeepweb-1Deep Web has been turbulent as it is due to its nature and it being a thorn in the eye of the authorities; and when you add the name Silk Road to the equation, everything becomes even more dramatic and more significant.

We have seen many Silk Roads coming and going; yet every now and again a new one springs up.

But this… This has been the first case that a SR has resurrected and therefore – it’s pretty significant!

Just because it has come back online doesn’t mean it is the great Silk Road of old.

Only time will tell this.

One fact that I do like about the team behind Silk Road 3.0 is that they chose to take it off line for security upgrades even though it would have cost them a shit load of money in lost commissions.

We cannot be sure, but it appears that the admins are more worries about the anonymity and security of the site and users than the money.

Or then again, it could have been a reason completely unrelated to this and it was just an unavoidable downtime.

So, shall we be witnesses to a new era on the Deep Web? What are your thoughts?

Just remember, don’t keep unused bitcoin in your darknet market wallets because when the site goes (and they ALL do), it goes with your coins.

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