Sheep Marketplace Owner Charged of Bitcoin Theft

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Bitcoin, hacker and its transaction
The second largest Bitcoin heist, after the Mt. Gox hack, affected a dark web marketplace called Sheep Marketplace.

According to reports, Tomáš Jiřikovský purported to be the owner of Sheep Marketplace, faces additional charges related to stealing bitcoins worth millions of dollars from the users of the site.

When he was arrested in March last year, law enforcement officials were planning to charge him for dealing in drugs.

However, they uncovered some of his other illicit activities during the course of the investigation.

Sheep Marketplace gained a great deal of popularity following the closure of the original Silk Road marketplace.

However, little information was available about the site’s owner after the arrest.

Jan Danek, South Moravian police’s economic division head, reportedly informed a local news outlet some details related to the arrest and investigation of the owner of Sheep Marketplace.

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Silk Road alternative ‘Sheep Marketplace’ shut down after $40 Million in Bitcoin Theft

During the period 2013-2014, law enforcement officials arrested two men from Florida for stealing as much as 5,400 bitcoins from Sheep Marketplace.

However, the amount of digital currency stolen by Jiřikovský was far greater. At that time, it was reported that as much $40 million worth of bitcoins had been stolen.

In the case of the Florida men, law enforcement officials traced the bitcoins they stole using services such as

In a similar fashion, the officers tracked the suspicious transactions even after the shutdown of Sheep Marketplace, according to Danek.

South Moravian police came to know of Sheep Marketplace only after its disappearance caused major disturbances on the internet.

Law enforcement was notified that a man from South Moravia, whose profile resembled that of the owner of Sheep Marketplace was receiving suspicious transactions.

According to Danek, this man became wealthy very quickly.

This prompted the law enforcement officials to start tracing the money that was being deposited into the bank account of Jiřikovský’s wife, Eva Bartošová.

She received $38,000 from abroad and was connected to the case on money laundering charges.

On further investigation, police officials found out that more money was transferred to Jiřikovský’s realtor and that he had purchased a house for approximately $300,000 in his grandfather’s name.

The police officials continued their investigations into the case and discovered that Jiřikovský actually owned the Sheep Marketplace.

In addition to buying a new home, he had bought luxury furniture, new cars, and expensive computers.

Danek noted that purchases made by Jiřikovský during the nine-month period when the investigation was carried out added up to more than $800,000.

However, everything, including the cars and house, has been seized from him by the authorities.

According to the authorities, the money he received into his account was laundered from overseas accounts.

He exchanged the bitcoins overseas before transferring the money into his account as well as his wife’s account through Air Bank.

Jiřikovský, who is currently in police custody, faces up to twelve years in prison for stealing bitcoins and perpetrating drug trade.

Additionally, his wife has been charged with helping him to launder money.

The police have not detained his wife as of now, but Hynek Olma, a spokesperson from the office of the South Moravian prosecutor, said that Bartošová could face up to eight years in prison if convicted.

Sheep Marketplace which gained a great deal of attention in the dark web following the downfall of the original Silk Road website was not taken down by any of the law enforcement agencies.

The owner of the dark web marketplace made away with his customer’s money.

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