Problems Plaguing Nucleus Market

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Some category sections on Nucleus has zero listings, according to several darknet markets customers, especially the “Digital Goods” and “Erotica” sections.

The issue of whether Nucleus Market has the makings of an exit scam has been the point of debate on forums based on darknet markets.

The fact that the market has experienced several outages that are blamed on hackers’ activities is a point of concern.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Nucleus Market recently came back online on December 17, 2015 after what they call server maintenance.

In terms of overall design and structure, Nucleus is similar in appearance to Evolution, an infamous darknet platform that was an exit scam.

In any case, since the demise of Evolution, the market received a massive influx of vendors and customers.

The fact that site administrators allow scammers and vendors of questionable repute to operate on its platform should be a warning to all.

One customer, on an Internet discussion forum claims he ordered some illegal drugs on Nucleus and he paid using his Bitcoin wallet.

The stipulated market delivery date according to the clearly disgruntled customer was 4 days.

The 4 day delivery time passed and he still had not received his illegal package.

When he contacted the site administrator, he was informed that since the 4 day delivery time had expired, his escrow had been transferred to a vendor.

He realized he did not have any recourse and had been scammed.

The fact that the site allows scammers to operate on its platform, and not blacklist them on the darknet markets is indicative of their compromised integrity.

Some category sections on Nucleus has zero listings, according to several darknet markets customers, especially the “Digital Goods” and “Erotica” sections.

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This clearly shows a lot of oversight on the part of the sites administrators.

Another concerned customer, who had heard rumors of the underhand dealings associated with darknet markets called the site administrators and asked them to expunge his existing account.

He was informed that this process would take at least three days. Several weeks later, he could still access his account.


It is quite possible that a black hat hacker possibly being bankrolled by forces within the darknet markets to create the impression that there are security glitches in the Nucleus platform and DDoS attacks.

They plant seed of ideas in the minds of participants in the darknet markets that the system is constantly under siege so that when scamming concurrently takes places, blame will be apportioned to the “enemy” hacker, so to speak.

When the site server breaks down, the explanation is a DDoS attack by a hacker using a HTTP attack designed to overwhelm the existing server storage space or a level 7 attack such as RUDY or Slowloris.

There are several alarming concerns alleging that Nucleus has scammed its vendors.

The fact that the market allows FE scammers with questionable integrity, even after a barrage of complaints, is a pointer to the unethical practices encouraged by Nucleus Market.

The market has actually distanced itself from the issue and gone on record to state that the scams are a direct responsibility of FE and they will not bear responsibility for any liabilities as a result.

There are several Nucleus users who constantly complain that their deposits never reach their destination accounts, or bitcoins mysteriously disappear from the same.

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Other Ways Authorities Can Attack Darknet Markets

These allegations are widespread and emanate from different users across the darknet markets platform.

Nucleus Market
The issue of whether Nucleus Market has the makings of an exit scam has been the point of debate on forums based on darknet markets.

The complaints have been posted regularly since the inception of the Nucleus Market.
There is a lot of downtime associated with darknet markets, especially Nucleus Market.

Speculation is rife that some vendors or even buyers have discovered a way of hacking people’s accounts using passwords through a technique known as brute forcing.

This probably tallies with several vendor’s constant complaints about “weird” Bitcoin movements.

On the other hand, the majority of problems could also possibly be attributed to the admin is running on a skeleton staff and just cannot keep up with being constantly attacked and a million support issues.

Nucleus Market has a big group of users and when you gain a user base like that you also paint a big target on your back for attacks from other rival markets and hackers wanting to take your customers, and what is the best way to do that? To hit you with DDoS attacks and hack you so your users leave.

Whatever is the case going on with Nucleus Market at the moment, it is not good for anyone.

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Problems Plaguing Nucleus Market,
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