Possible Third Corrupt Agent In Silk Road Investigation

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Ross Ulbricht’s Lawyers Say They’ve Found Another Corrupt Agent in Silk Road Case

The Silk Road case has reached a turning point after the defense attorneys for Ross Ulbricht claimed that they have substantial evidence incriminating a third rogue cop involved in the operations of the now defunct darknet market.

Even though the government dismantled the entire operation, the online black market saga took a turn of events when the attorneys mentioned that “Dread Pirate Roberts” might have worked with an unidentified investigation agent.

The agent allegedly sold the site’s operator information related to the Silk Road investigation and later on deleted the incriminating evidence.

Even though the defense attorney, Joshua Dratel, representing Ross Ulbricht in his case claim that their in-depth investigation has unearthed incriminating evidence against an additional law enforcement agent, such claims are yet to be substantiated.

However, if further investigations declare their pieces of evidence authentic, the most rational assumption would be that another co-mastermind accessed the “Dread Pirate Roberts” account allegedly linked to Ulbricht.

Silk Road and the Corrupt Agent

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Ulbricht’s defense team unearthed new evidence and found signs of a third corrupt agent in the Silk Road case.
Ulbricht’s defense team unearthed new evidence and found signs of a third corrupt agent in the Silk Road case.

With the unfolding events, the defense attorneys of the Silk Road creator now point out that the user of the account could be an individual having a law enforcement background.

Otherwise, if the culprit is not a federal investigation agent, then it could be another duplicate “Dread Pirate Roberts.”

It was last November when Joshua Dratel, representing Ross Ulbricht’s legal defense team decided to sent Maryland’s office of the attorney with a letter revealing that they are in possession of substantial evidence of the inexplicable procedure.

In the letter, the attorneys vehemently expressed that, after the unknown government agent accessed the DPR forum account, he went ahead to delete all the exchanged information as soon as the government confiscated the servers.

The defense gave him the aliases “albertpacino” and “notwonderful” while referring to him on various Silk Road forums.

A large portion of Dratel’s letter delved into explaining the notion that the anonymous government agent maneuvered to find untraceable ways of leaking crucial information about the Silk Road darknet market and covered his tracks by erasing the records.

In a deeper perspective, the defense emphasized the significance of the access issue because they found out that the timestamp of the last login into the DPR account took place exactly six weeks after the arrest of Ross Ulbricht.

The letter went ahead to quote the date to be last November 18, 2013, while confirming that the Silk Road mastermind was in custody at the time. If further investigations confirm such claims, then it could be obvious that a third party accessed the SR as DPR.

With another corrupt federal agent allegedly involved in the Silk Road case, it seems Ross Ulbricht has seen a ray of hope with the ongoing investigations.

Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of Ross, also weighed in on the developing story and expressed that the evidence used to put his son behind bars should be further investigated.

When speaking in Manhattan, Dratel expressed that the trial that took place in New York did not look into the new evidence because the defense team was not provided with ample time to examine the data the presented by federal investigators.

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