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A nextgen dark web marketplace has just launched—Olympus Market.
The team behind this new darknet market believes it to be a game changer.

Update: Olympus Market has reportedly pulled an exit scam. Full story here.”

Despite continued government-initiated efforts to crackdown on darknet markets, the scene has refused to back down. To show how adamant it has become, there is a new marketplace in the building—Olympus.

Olympus Market is the new place for investors, buyers and sellers to do their business. From the word of the team involved in its development, Olympus has promised to be the most intuitive and user-friendly darknet market the world will ever experience.

As indicated on the Olympus Market official subreddit, the official URL for the site is: http://www.olymm2ravxnnf2hm.onion/.*

What Sets Olympus Apart from Other Markets?

As stated in a Reddit post by Olympus’ admins, security is not taken lightly on this darknet market.

As opposed to any other marketplace you have experienced before, Olympus does not blink when it comes to security for anyone using the platform.

Your TOR usage is being watched

You can be sure that no one will be sneaking up on you to breach your privacy.

If this promise comes to pass, Olympus Market will be a darling to many users—buyers, sellers and administrators alike.

Prompt response and swift bug fixes is another thing that floats this new dark web market ahead of others. It will not take ages to get a response on a matter you would want addressed.

And if it bugs bothering you, there is a team behind the scenes working to fix them.

If all these could be true and achievable, nothing will stop Olympus Market from being the favorite spot for dark web enthusiasts.

Up-to-scratch maintenance will be another thing you can hope for. You can expect a clean house free from web rot or anything else undesirable you might have had to content with in other marketplaces.

Indefinite development is intended to keep Olympus ahead of the tide of changes. The developers promise an endless scrutiny on what is new and how to keep the marketplace relevant for years to come.

What is Offered on Olympus Market?

The team behind Olympus has unveiled some attractive features to go along with the launch of the market. A few are listed below.

  • On Olympus, users can find what they are looking for without any distraction. You will get what you need fast on this market.
  • Moreno and Bitcoin are supported outside the box. And there is the promise of more to come for your convenience.
  • Make referrals and earn. Using your link, you can make referrals and save on your expenses the next time you shop. You will get up to 25 percent discounts on your expenses.
  • You can bet on fast loading. Slow loading time seems to be the last thing you should worry about when you come to Olympus Market.

There is so much on offer at Olympus; you can only test the depth by trying it. And you should really give it a try.

What is Prohibited on Olympus Market?

Darknet markets word cloud concept on white background.
Despite continued government-initiated efforts to crackdown on darknet markets, the scene has refused to back down.

Right now, Olympus Market is the talk of town. Well, it is too early to judge how good it will be as opposed to its forerunners. However, one thing you can be sure of is that it will be an adventurous path trying it out.

And just you know, Olympus Market comes with a strict policy regarding content. So, what are you not allowed to do on this darknet market?

  • Weapons sales are not allowed. You might have already expected this one. The dark web’s new “baby” in town is not about to turn the world into a war zone.
  • Customer data is out of bounds. For privacy reasons, you should not be saving others’ private information. You wouldn’t want someone to save your private data, would you? Olympus has made that very clear.
  • No blackmail or threats. The policy on this point is strict, and you will either follow or ship out.
  • Lastly, the trading of poison is not allowed on this platform.

Well, if you are warming up for the dark web market experience, now you know where you could begin. With a promise of championing for your security and privacy, Olympus Market should be one for your hunting ground.

With so many promises, it will be interesting to see how this goes down. It is a matter of time to tell whether all the hype that accompanied the launch will live up to the expectation of not only the developers, but also the players.

* Editor’s note: When you’re visiting dark web sites, ALWAYS double check to ensure you’re using the exact URL for whatever site you intend to visit.

Dark web URLs will often change, so it’s best that you confirm with a trusted source to make sure the link is updated and verified.

In this case, the official Olympus admins have posted the correct URL on Reddit.

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