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The creators of Olympus Market have refreshed the site with a mix of new features. They’re also offering rewards, bounty and giveaways to users.

Olympus Market was initially built to become the most intuitive and friendly market on the dark web.

The launch of the site was intended to develop a community within the market.

The primary concerns of this darknet market are maintenance, security and continuous development, and the developers do take them very seriously. Olympus Market is designed by a team of ITSec experts as well as DM veterans.

Totally aware of the potential existence of bugs, this group of people is committed to providing an immediate and efficient bug fix and response.

Although the Olympus Market has gone through some changes and updates, even from its very beginning it did have several interesting features.

The primary characteristics of this darknet market include:

Your TOR usage is being watched
  • A full escrow in order of maximum buyer security. The main priority is nothing but the safety of Olympus Market’s users.
  • A very easy way for the vendors to manage their orders, add new products and listings. This market requires just a few options in order to start selling your products.
  • The referral links get you 25 percent off all purchase fees.
  • You won’t come across suspicious accounts as admin typically freeze the accounts they doubt.
  • There is a two-factor authentication feature. The simple use of PGP is inserted for logging in as well as changing your settings.
  • All vendors in Olympus Market must sign a message. They can do it by using a PGP key in order to present their own.
  • Even if one single server goes offline, there are multiple mirrors that maintain access to your account and funds on Olympus Market.
  • The top selling products are changed weekly. The products can be found on the main page.
  • Olympus Market has a very responsive support system. The team quickly responds to support tickets no matter where they come from—whether it is a vendor or a buyer.

Since Olympus Market was first set up, it did draw a lot of attention on the dark web. A lot of vendors operating on other dark web markets started creating accounts on this market as well.

It expanded in huge measures and, as expected, there were few changes and updates that needed to be done.

Last month, they welcomed over 950 new customers and 60 top vendors. This made the creators of Olympus Market pause new vendor signups. They announced this as a temporary change to the market.

Starting off by halting the signups, they also included brand new features, rewards, bounty and giveaways to the market. They added security updates as well.

As is completely expected by the creators of any darknet market, it’s common to come across few bugs. Still, the Olympus Market team worked hard enough to get rid of all of them.

It is of utmost importance to them to keep users safe while browsing the market.

network security loading bar
Security is also updated

When it comes to the new components added to the market, one key feature allows users to do their own vendor search. At this point, you can just go to Olympus Market, type the username of your favorite vendor in the search box and immediately view their account.

Speaking of doing your own search at Olympus Market, now there are search filters that are very useful when navigating through this market’s categories. The filters help you find the items you are looking for easier.

The category section also undertook the same changes—the creators added better category shuffling and organization. Thanks to the category organization, you can now navigate within the listings more smoothly than ever.

Likewise, with the new category shuffling feature, now you can choose a category and the order will immediately be shuffled on-demand. This is an opportunity for every vendor to get displayed on the main pages of this darknet market.

With the 0.8.24 update, the team behind Olympus Market also decided to include various giveaways, rewards and bounties. For a giveaway, they chose to grant a $50 for a review.

You can read more about this giveaway on the site’s homepage but you have to be logged in.

Further, if you happen to uncover any scam in the market, you will be rewarded with $20. For major bugs and serious security flaws, you can be rewarded with $50-$1,000.

These prices do not include HTML or CSS bugs.

With all of these new changes in the marketplace, many dark web users believe Olympus Market is going to grow and improve even more in the future.

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