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While users are still reeling over the possible recent exit scam performed by the Oasis Market, Monero appears to be the biggest loser as it has lost not only its chance at setting a strong foothold in the world of darknet markets, but also any traction it had gained.

Oasis looks like it joined the list of darknet markets that scammed their users before going offline a few days ago when they apparently upped and left, taking with them an estimated 150 BTC and an unknown amount of Monero.

Prior to their exit scam, Oasis Market was well on the way to becoming a reputable name in the world of darknet markets.

As the apparent exit scam dawns on the users of the Oasis darknet market, speculations concerning the fate of the website have begun.

While some remain hopeful that Oasis will return, others have begun looking for approaches with which they can get back their lost money.

In the wake of the likely crumbled Oasis Market, users still have a variety of relatively trustworthy darknet markets available.

Your TOR usage is being watched

AlphaBay Market remains at the apex as the most popular amongst the darknet markets while Silk Road’s third comeback remains a reliable yet little-known option for those brave enough to stake their trust on a market that has been compromised twice before.

AlphaBay Market

TOR has garnered over 230,000 users

Since its launch in 2014, AlphaBay has done nothing but grow exponentially to become the biggest player in the world of darknet markets.

Over its two years of existence, the Tor hidden site has garnered over 230,000 users from around the world and gained a reputation as the darknet market with the most scammers.

A big chunk of its users originated from the rubble of the Agora marketplace after its shutdown in 2015.

AlphaBay facilitates the sales of both legal and illegal products. It offers various listings including drugs and drug-related merchandise. It also offers digital goods, counterfeits, and stolen credit card numbers, among others.

Security, which is a pertinent issue when it comes to darknet markets, underwent a previous upgrade on the platform that promises to drastically reduce the number of scammers on the AlphaBay Market.

The feature, dubbed “Scam Watch,” entails a team of seasoned hackers and malware experts who have been hired to detect and eradicate scams from the site.

Since its roll out, the Scam Watch feature has managed to ramp up the security of AlphaBay Market by effectively getting rid of numerous scammers and intercepting several other uncouth transactions.

AlphaBay also uses Multisig as a measure of security to protect its users’ bitcoins, especially from fraudulent sellers.

Overall, AlphaBay does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon and is currently the harbinger of innovation to the world of darknet markets. It is one among the most reliable and largest darknet markets.

Silk Road 3

Silk Road’s 3rd attempt

Silk Road’s third attempt at setting a strong foothold in the world of darknet markets comes amidst a lot of skepticism, and understandably so.

The Silk Road brand previous encounters with the FBI have left many users hesitant to go back to the once reputable dark web titan with questions surrounding its legitimacy generating mistrust among its former users.

Silk Road 3 made its re-emergence in the dark web around sometime in May, and the latest version comes with listings that range from hardcore drugs to Netflix accounts.

This is after its last iteration was abandoned hastily following suspicions that it was an FBI-controlled dragnet. Silk Road 3 has however assured its users of improved security measures.

It is one of the few darknet markets that come with restrictions on the listings of items such as child pornography, products and services pertaining to terrorism, and chemical weapons.

Dream Market

Dream Market may not share the same pedestal as the AlphaBay Market or Silk Road 3 for that fact, but it is one of the few remaining trusted darknet markets in operation today.

Dream Market also absorbed a chunk of the users from the collapsed Agora marketplace in 2015.

Little is known concerning the marketplace which is a good indication of its level of security.

The marketplace features some of the highest quality products from reputable merchants, which has contributed positively to its reputation.

The reason why Dream Market has not joined the ranks of the heavy hitters could be because of its higher commission on sales, which sees the administrators of the website taking a 4% cut on every sale.

Whether Oasis comes back online or not, there is no shortage of alternatives in terms of darknet markets to absorb the website’s users.

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  1. May whoever you revere bless the dark web.Sadly,it’s a big deal for most users when a site goes down.Most of us are getting by and not much more.One bitcoin is a big hit today.It’s well over 800 canadian.Word to the wise.Fentanyl is rampant on the dark web,an offer of Fentanyl for sale is no guarantee that whatever you purchase won’t be Fentanyl.Anyone need a tester?


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