Top Darknet Markets Offer a Range of Listings other than Drugs

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The most popular darknet markets are now offering virtually any supply of goods and services—not just illicit drugs.

Since famous darknet markets AlphaBay and Hansa came crashing down earlier this year, there has been an uprising of three distinct marketplaces which have transformed the way the dark web operates.

Currently, Wall Street Market, Point Marketplace and Dream Market rank as the best darknet markets, and ever since their rise into popularity, the dark web has quickly adapted its operations into offering a whole variety of items—and not just drugs.

These three darknet markets have experienced profound success since their predecessors’ downfall, courtesy of their ability to offer diverse products on this profound corner of the internet.

With the exclusion of seller shops, the dark web only features a total of eight substantial darknet marketplaces including Point Marketplace (formerly known as Tochka), Wall Street Market, Dream Market, CGMC (The Cannabis Growers and Merchants Cooperative), Majestic Garden, Zion Market, Libertas Market and Berlusconi Market, although the former is currently disconnected.

When darknet markets come to mind, the first association is that they are a place where illicit drugs are up for purchase.

But in recent times, the three most prominent darknet markets have changed this stance since they’re offering a wide array of merchandise compared to previous listings at Hansa and AlphaBay.

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The Never-Ending Variety

Aside from drugs, many of the available items (most which are of course illegal) include pilfered programming, unreleased books, music and motion pictures, computer games, among other chunks of advanced merchandise.

The list goes on to cover stolen records and an overflowing selection of video services like Netflix.

Darknet market guests have access to purchasing stolen gift vouchers, travel papers and charge card qualifications, together with government disability quantities if expired.

What’s more, from between $25 and $100 (in Bitcoin), any understudy has access to a comprehensive research project completed for them.

There are also several fake coupons continually flocking the marketplaces which can be purchased either in computerized or physical shape on various sites.

And if this does not give you a clear picture of the extent and diversity of products and services, there are tons of individuals voyaging across the globe using lifted Lyft and Uber accounts purchased from the dark web.

Moreover, as opposed to going through the entire education curriculum drafting research projects and going through numerous modules, for a sum of between $1,000 and $5,000 in Bitcoin, one can subsequently own a counterfeit Ivy League degree, among other popular college institutions.

Hacks and Sex

Red ring for sex with vibrator sex toy
Strange sex ventures and merchandise are now available

If you are into strange fixations and sex ventures and merchandise, then you will appreciate the diversity of items now available on darknet markets.

The dark web now offers numerous tailor-made sex items available ranging from clothing lines to lingerie worn by famous performing artists.

Additionally, as much as there are cannabis and hallucinogen merchants, there’s also an abundance of sellers offering pharmaceutical oils, creams and Viagra for your pleasure.

And to add a twist to it, darknet market buyers can even access photos and recordings of celebrity sex tapes.

Within the realm of hacking, dark web commercial centers also offer remarkable toys tailored for programmers such as hacking programs and various client data records secured to corporate items across the globe.

Further, darknet markets now avail bots and DDoS aides for purchase, not to mention malware and infections.

Surprisingly, you can now even contract “professional” programmers to offer you better-customized deeds which you cannot individually confer.

Knock-Off Gear

The most significant catch to the inclusion of numerous items in this exclusive market network is the fact that you can now purchase phony stock items.

For a reasonably considerable price, you can own several knock-off Louis Vuitton handbags or counterfeit Ray-Ban shades. The list of items in this area extends to Rolexes, Armani dresses and D&G pants, just to mention a few.

While it is true to state that many of the items offered by the darknet markets fall under the category of illicit, a large chunk of listings is surprisingly safe and not posing any danger to human life.

Despite many of these things also being illegal in most nations, the truth remains that darknet markets are now offering a wide variety of items besides the conventional drug listings, since most of these platforms have quickly become bazaars providing just about anything.

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