Ichidan: A New Darknet Search Engine

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Ichidan, a new darknet search engine, lets users easily search and access Tor hidden sites.

Although most internet users do not typically access the dark web on a regular basis, there is still a huge chunk of valuable information that can be discovered on this subsection of the internet.

However, often times stumbling upon the right content on the darknet is highly challenging.

But a newly developed darknet search engine called Ichidan can help browsers easily find what they’re looking for.

Thanks to the new platform, it is becoming simpler to access the vital information on the dark web.

Ichidan, though quite popular, hasn’t managed to be the Google of the dark web yet. Still, it definitely comes with a lot of value for the right people who browse the darknet.

The Darknet Search Engine’s Capabilities

Ichidan is a brand new darknet search engine platform that lets users search and access Tor-powered ‘.onion’ sites.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The format and interface of the platform bear much similitude with the conventional search engines like Bing and Google.

However, the darknet search engine has been designed with an entirely different purpose.

While Google was created with the aim of collecting user information and analyzing the behavior across several platforms, Ichidan specifically aims to render selfless services to the users who access the darknet and are looking for some particular Tor site to get the necessary information.

Owing to its simplicity and ease of use, the darknet search engine has now managed to be an incredibly helpful tool for individuals using the dark web.

Security research professionals, for instance, are quite happy with the services of this new darknet search engine.

Even at this stage, most people are unaware of the inner workings of the dark web because it’s access is only available by connecting via the Hidden Service Protocol.

This is also primary because firsthand information found on the network is not accessible to the general public without specific software, i.e. the Tor Browser.

The Pros to Having a Darknet Search Engine

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New darknet search engine

The advent of Ichidan and its simple accessibility demonstrates one clear fact that there is much more to the darknet than the public tends to assume.

Usually, information about the darknet is a direct result of extensive research conducted by cybersecurity professionals.

However, at the same time, there are also thousands of hidden resources on the network that we are completely unaware of.

While a lot of what is taking place on the darknet does not necessarily represent criminal or nefarious activities, it is also true that cybercriminals are coming up with various methods to use Tor hidden sites as a means to sell and buy illegal drugs, weapons and services alike.

That said, whatever the case, Ichidan does come with several benefits—one of which is that you can easily identify and locate the security glitches of various darknet sites through this platform in a manner of a couple of minutes.

Using the darknet search engine, security researchers have already traced those sites that come with a lot of open ports for external connections.

Interestingly, many .onion sites possess open ports for both SSH and Telnet connections, which can leave the sites vulnerable to breaches.

One among these ports was immediately connected to an online server that’s built into a Fritzbox router.

Now, this placement can indicate two things—either the .onion site is intentionally placed on the web server of the router, or the site comes to play when some other individual’s device is compromised to host it.

Generally speaking, sites like these do not disclose much relevant information about the origin, as it is likely to compromise the geographic location and the actual identity of the website’s owner.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ichidan is simply the fact that it has revealed how the darknet is reducing in its overall size.

This might happen to be a surprise for the masses. But according to research, a large number of darknet marketplaces are no longer in operation.

Darknet search engine platforms like Ichidan are therefore becoming even more important for individuals interested in the dark web, as the network is continuing to shrink.

Ichidan URL: ichidanv34wrx7m7.onion

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