Firearm Smuggling Is Thriving In The UK

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Classic-firearms-13433Now a new trend has been catching up rapidly.

Firearms and ammunition are increasingly being smuggled into the UK through unsuspicious parcel delivery and courier services, according to police report.

Consumersare most likely to purchase firearms on legit websites on the regular internet than on darknet markets.

The dark web used for darknet markets sales,is being less popular in this kind of activity.

Many buyers are not using darknet markets to purchase their weapons because of the risks involved, the parcelcan be caught more easily and some darknet markets vendors are quite untrustworthy.

Buying firearms on darknet markets is a fairly small threat, thougha serious one.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Therisk for a buyer is that there’s no way of knowing whether it is a scam or not.

In a statement released by Dave Thompson – chief constable West Midlands – there has been a notable rise in the number of unregistered firearms circulating in Britain in the past years.

And if recent evidence is anything to go by, this can easily be traced back to the coincidental rise in the number of unmarked parcels been sent to Britain under the guise of online shopping.

In an interview by one of the leading newsrooms in the UK, Dave said that these illegal firearms are being activated in foreign soil then sent for the delivery into the UK.

The fast parcel system that forms the backbone of online shopping has created the much-needed loophole to replace the defunct darknet markets that are slowly becoming irrelevant as far shipping illegal weapons goes.

dave-thompson-ccAll this is coming at a time and age when Western Europe is mostly considered a gun-free haven.

But the latest unfolding in Paris, France has done a lot to convince the world of otherwise.

Speaking of which, the Paris attack last year saw terrorist unleash the full wrath of high-powered assault rifles and sub-machine guns on otherwise unarmed and peaceful diners and revelers.

The bloodbath, which lasted several hours, left over 130 civilians’ death and the Islamic-inspired militia almost outgunned law-enforcers during the ensuing shootout.

It is in the backdrop of such occurrences that it is feared that the illegal guns and ammunition been sneaked into the UK will land in the wrong hands of criminals, drug lords and terrorists.

Criminals were trying different ways to avoid discovery.

In fact, the recent trend has been disassembling the weapons bought from online retailersthen delivering them in component parts.

In response to these developments, Dave recommends that it is high time the government looked into funding and arming regular police officers better.

He pointed out that like in the Paris attacks, there is a high likelihood that law-enforcers could be caught unawares in a hostage situation tailored by heavily armed terrorists brandishing massive firepower.

Unlike a few years ago, when terrorists were associated with chemical bombs and biological weapons, the Paris-style attacks painted them in an entirely different poise.

The modern terrorist is well trained in handling high-tech assault weapons and the widespread increase smuggling of illegal arms in the UK presents just the right prerequisite conditions for a looming attack.

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