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The DarkNet Markets Avengers that started as a subreddit has recently moved to an .onion forum.

DarkNet Markets Avengers is a forum that is dedicated to the harm reduction and the testing of drugs that are ordered through the darknet markets.

The forum runs on community donations and aims to the democratization of drug testing by letting the users to send their drugs to a lab and in return, pay them back once they have submitted the verified results.

DNM Avengers
DNM Avengers offers a full reimbursement to any user that sends them any substance for testing.

The main aim of DNM Avengers is harm reduction.

DarkNet Markets Avengers has rules to protect the users.

For instance, they require that any service providers who aren’t established be vetted first by the global moderators, they don’t allow any kind of harassment, trolling or blackmail.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In addition, each user is only allowed to have one account and they don’t allow any product advertisement from non-vendors.

In addition, you may have heard about people selling dangerous and largely untested chemicals as though they were something normal.

DarkNet Markets Avengers offers users a piece of mind when it comes to giving doses of substances like LSD which is active in very small amounts.

If vendors advertise the wrong dosage, it may cause great harm to the users.

DarkNet Markets Avengers aim at reducing such harm by testing the drugs and offering the correct dosage.

To ensure the user’s security, users can report any security issues that may occur while on the site through a private message that has been encrypted with a public key.

The most effective part of DNM Avengers is that it helps to keep users off the streets and ensure that they stay away from shady characters and bad neighborhoods.

By doing so, it helps to ensure that every user’s life is safe.

Best of all, it adds accountability to vendors since they have been vetted.

You can be sure that the products are safe and tested.

DNM Avengers now have the ability to perform tests in certified labs that have highly advanced scientific equipment to verify the vendor’s claims thus making it very effective on harm reduction.

Thanks to KamajiTheBoiler, the forum has guidelines on how to send test results to labs.

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The DarkNet Markets Avengers that started as a subreddit has recently moved to an .onion forum.

Best of all, DNM Avengers offers a full reimbursement to any user that sends them any substance for testing.

The company has so far received over 18BTC in donations to aid in the reimbursement of users who send samples.

This is highly significant since the usual fee of having a sample tested is approximately eighty five US dollars.

DarkNet Markets Avengers are an unbiased, fun and helpful community that includes active moderators.

How the reimbursement works.

A user will first have to submit any of his or her testing that has been done previously to the introductions thread.

After he or she has completed this step, the user will need to send a substance or substances to the testing facility.

He or she will then need to post the reports including an in-depth review on the reports board.

Once the user has received his or her test results, he or she will need to send a message to infinitely-out-there to receive the full reimbursement of the testing fees.

How to submit a drug for testing on DNM Avengers.

This is typically geared towards the use of energy control and is aimed at helping people get their own drugs checked and tested.

The user will first need an anonymous email-address.

He or she will then need to send an email to energy control informing them about the type of drug that they need tested.

Carefully follow the instructions and steps that are provided by energy control including the labeling of the drugs using random characters and then also send them fifty euros in bitcoins (don’t worry this fee is reimbursable).

Take an anonymous picture of the drugs then purchase an international stamp and mail the labeled drugs to energy control. Inform energy control about the drugs you have sent and clearly indicate the characters you used to label the package.

Most importantly, don’t forget to request them to forward you the results through your anonymous email address.

It may take you a few weeks to receive the results.

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