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Darknet Market in the form of binary code, 3D illustrationFirst time on the Deep Web? Seasoned professional? Oh, so many possibilities, so many marketplaces to visit, items to browse and purchase…

But whom to trust in this vast sea of fraudsters? And how to make an educated decision?

If only there was some sort of a chart or something that has all the links categorized in one place; a chart that would list all important features of a marketplace; that would keep record of the total number of listings.

Number of drug listings, links to relevant guides and screen shots so you know what to expect, … Wishful thinking.

Or is it?!

Surprisingly, it’s not – for there IS such a chart already available!

Your TOR usage is being watched

We have a new feature – Darknet Market Comparison Chart.

The whole point is to help people make the most informed choice of their ideal Dark Web Market.

Someone might be looking for the market with the greatest number of listings; others might prefer to choose based on the level of security of the market, while someone else prefers to choose based on some third criterion – does it have a market’s guide, is the registration open, how old the market is, how many sellers/buyers there are on a market…

The Darknet Market Comparison Chart focuses on the most relevant information about a market.

Blue glowing darknet neon sign on a dark wall and a spotlight with a hacker silhouette approaching information security concept 3D illustrationThese parameters are neatly sorted out and navigation is easy-peasy! You can simply sort by the criterion you wish (by the column) using the arrow icon (ascending or descending) or you can type in your query into a Search box for more precise search.

This is the only such chart on the internet and is regularly updated on a monthly basis with the latest data!

Apart from already mentioned information, you can find screenshots of markets, descriptions, security measures, etc.

It is always good to know what payment methods are supported on a market, how responsive the support team is, which items are more/less prevalent on a market…

Each market has its own set of safety measures, and you should know whether they include Escrow system, Finalize Early (FE) option; 2FA, PGP, Multisig and/or similar additional authentication requirements.

Last but not least, the Darknet Market Comparison Chart will also provide you with the markets’ URLs, their up/down time, whether they require commission, what currency is accepted – only bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies as well (Litecoin, Darkcoin…).

So, if you’re all set for a shopping spree for drugs, weapons, adult videos, stolen credit cards, hacking services, or whatever – be sure to study this Darknet Market Comparison Chart thoroughly before you take any concrete steps.

It will be a good starting point, if nothing else.

Once you decide to go shopping in these dark areas of the internet you should first carefully research the ways you can protect yourself, so make sure to have all the necessary tools for accessing the Dark Web.

Included in the darknet market comparison chart are links to all relevant guide. Just pick your market of choice and then you can access the best guide for that darknet market.

You can check out the new Darknet Market Comparison Chart here: https://darkwebnews.com/market-comparison-chart/

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