Agora Vendor Gets 4 Years In Jail

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Tristan Simpson Brennand was first arrested last December after police in Washington intercepted several packages containing MDMA and Xanax, which were later traced to him.

After being released on bond for the better part of two years, he was imprisoned once more and this time, sentenced to serve four years in prison for trafficking and distribution of illicit drugs.

Agora Vendor Started At the Age of 19

Tristan was a darknet vendor that frequented the now defunct Agora and Evolution marketplaces.

The 22-year-old had been running a drug vending operation from the age of 19 as he revealed in a heartfelt letter addressed to the court.

Following his arrest, the Agora vendor admitted that he regretted his two-year period as a drug vendor, saying that he was mostly ashamed of his actions.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The Olympia-based man became a drug vendor solely to sustain his opioid dependency.

As his income expanded, he switched from opioid pills to the much more dangerous heroin.

As a result, his need for cash increased significantly since heroin, in addition to being extremely addictive, is extremely expensive. The need to resell his drugs in order to make a profit is what led to him joining darknet markets such as Agora eventually.

Federal Agents Were Tipped Off by a Confidential Informant

According to court documents, a Confidential Informant (CI) was involved in Tristan’s investigations.

The CI disclosed Tristan’s activities to the detectives, informing them that the 22-year-old was moving large amounts of drugs on Agora and Evolution.

Following the CI’s lead, federal agents collaborated with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) where an agent, in a sworn statement, justifies all of the CI’s claims concerning the Agora drug vendor’s activities.

Agora Vendor Shipped Large Quantities of Drugs from Various Countries

Illegal drugs
Agora Marketplace The Largest Drug Market To Operate On The Dark Web

Tristan’s Agora exploits were facilitated by drugs he shipped from various countries around the world.

He obtained his several pounds of MDMA from Germany, marijuana from the United States and allegedly bought thousands of Xanax in bars from India.

Unlike other common drug vendor, Tristan did not manufacture any of his drugs; rather he shipped them in bulk before repackaging them for sale.

Tristan’s Agora drug operation was apparently a two-man job.

Also arrested and indicted alongside him was Boden Gregory Bridge, who was believed to be in charge of the distribution of the drugs on the street while Tristan focused on his drug vending set up on Agora and Evolution.

After the federal agents had acquired enough evidence to have a solid case against Tristan and his accomplice, the indictment proceeded and Tristan and Bridge were simultaneously put on trial.

“This Should Be a Message to the Rest” – Assistant U.S. Attorney

The Assistant U.S. Attorney, Thomas Woods spoke through court papers, saying that other drug vendors, whether on Agora or on other popular darknet marketplaces, would eventually face retribution for their actions.

He highlighted Tristan’s case as a clear message to those who still peddled their illicit wares on marketplaces such as Agora and said that the darknet is a clear threat to public health and security.

He pointed out that darknet markets such as Agora target individuals that are too inhibited or situated too far in the rural areas to opt for a direct drug deal and instead, hide their actions under layers of encryption.

Police Seize Drugs, Cash, and Firearms in Agora Vendor’s Home

According to the USPIS agent’s corroborative statement to the feds, Tristan was a middleman who shipped the drugs from his various sources across the globe before redistributing them to other small scale buyers. In his two years of operation, Tristan had sold 14 pounds of MDMA.

Law enforcement seized $33,000 in cash in the subsequent raid of Tristan’s home alongside a significant amount of MDMA and a paper trail revealing that he had sold a total of 14 pounds of MDMA in his two-year involvement with darknet markets.

His aide, Bridge, was also arrested with a pound of MDMA and a 45-caliber handgun.

Tristan and Bridge pleaded guilty to all the drug offenses. Tristan was sentenced last October and Bridge remains in police custody and will appear before the court for his hearing early next year.

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