Dark Web Vendor Xanax King Writes Letters From Prison

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It was in 2014 that XanaxKing, a dark web vendor that sold Alprazolam, was arrested and after that convicted for many drug-related charges.

However, in recent times, a Reddit user who goes by the name of al_eberia on the forum has been communicating with him regularly.

Their communications have been posted on Reddit and have shed light on how he was arrested and the federal cases that are filed against him.

The Story of the Arrest of the Dark Web Vendor

After he had been arrested, XanaxKing came to know as to how it all happened. He found out that three informants facilitated his arrest. The first informant was his friend of 15 years.

Just before the dark web vendor’s arrest, his friend Mike Pettis was arrested purportedly on drug charges in California. However, it never became clear.

He turned informant and started giving Drug Enforcement Authority officers information about XanaxKing in expectation of a lighter sentence.

According to his story, Mike had helped the dark web vendor in his business for a period of time.

Though it is not exactly clear as to how Mike helped him in the business, XanaxKing claimed that Mike knew nearly all about his operations and business.

Mike even helped him send a few of his drug shipments.

The investigation on XanaxKing started with Mike becoming the first informant.

The DEA officials tagged him with audio and video and made him do some purchases on dark web.

The DEA officers also trailed XanaxKing, and this led to his arrest later.

Once the federal officers got the number of XanaxKing’s personal phone from Mike, they obtained a “trap and trace” warrant for the phone.

This operation involved tracing the most frequently called number from that phone and then tracing it.

This led the police to a few of the dark web vendor’s codefendants who, however, did not let out any information.

XanaxKing was doing his drug-related vending on the dark web in the times when Silk Road was still in existence.

He also mentioned that he did business with another Silk Road vendor called Arena, who even helped him to set up a direct sales page.

The payment to Arena was in the form of Xanax.

Arena was arrested later on charges of importing methenolone from China.

Just as Mike did, Arena turned out to be the next informant to the DEA officers and spilled the beans on XanaxKing.

He provided information on all of his operations and even revealed to them the dark web vendor’s identity.

Though the information was classified as particularly not helpful, it corroborated the facts that Mike had provided.

It helped to strengthen the feds’ case against XanaxKing.

There was also a third informant that helped the federal officers.

This individual called Eric was a business associate of XanaxKing in the past.

His role in the business was to intercept packages that were received from outside the United States.

However, when Eric was arrested, he was not actively helping the dark web vendor.

This way he was able to provide the investigating officers with only a limited amount of information that was not of any significant help.

XanaxKing suddenly received a call out of the blue one day from Eric asking to buy Xanax.

This, however, raised the dark web vendor’s suspicions, and he immediately changed his phone number.

There were also some false stories that Mike and Arena had told the DEA officers about XanaxKing.

They had reported that XanaxKing had plans to produce different drugs in the future.

As the investigations progressed, it was found out that many of these stories were false, and these charges were dropped subsequently.

Ultimately, XanaxKing revealed the fact that the investigating authorities were very reasonable as far as his case was concerned.

However, the fact that is disturbing about the whole case is that the informants who gave away details about the dark web vendor were his closest friends at one point in time.

This case would have had its own effect on other dark web vendors of who can never rest easy when they become aware of the fact that their best friends now are potentially dangerous to the entire business operation.

This story may have sounded out a warning to all dark web vendors out there in the marketplace.

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