What is the Value of Someone’s Identity on the Dark Web?

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An inside look into the world of identity theft on the dark web, including the value of someone’s personal information

A person’s identity is something that they’re most certainly protective of, unless they’re a drug dealer or other type of criminal that needs to change their identity to stay under the radar from the law.

You might be surprised, scared or even frustrated after you read the following article. But, this is a chilling truth that everyone should be aware of regarding their identities.

Verified credit card accounts that have high limits on them from countries like the United States, Japan and South Korea are being listed on darknet markets for between $15 and $40 in Bitcoin value, according to cybercrime reports.

And a recent study from Dell Inc.’s information security subsidiary SecureWorks found that American Express Cards are sold on underground markets for $30.

The dark web, where these markets are found, is a part of the internet that can only be accessed by a special type of software such as the Tor browser. It is filled with forums, chat rooms and marketplaces where cybercriminals trade everything from drugs and weapons to personal information and identities.

Certainly, the dark web is not for the faint-hearted. But people out of curiosity tend to visit the dark web at their own risk and in the process of doing so, they get their personal identity and information stolen.

Your TOR usage is being watched

When it comes to selling personal bank account details like credit cards, they can be verified and unverified.

For the verified credit cards, it means that the seller of those types of cards has tested out the cards with some random transaction and knows that the card hasn’t been cancelled yet.

And as for the unverified credit cards, they are often used by small-time scammers that sell those type of cards in bulk, because those credit cards are worth as much as few pennies on the dark web.

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A person’s identity is something that they’re most certainly protective of, unless they’re a drug dealer or other type of criminal that needs to change their identity to stay under the radar from the law.

Business credit cards are hot deals on the dark web because these cards often don’t have a limit on them, and that’s why they’re often the ones that are most sold and that fit into that price range of $10 to $20.

Some recent studies have shown that these cards are being sold the most, as much as 85 percent in the dark web market. On the other hand, the regular Master and Visa cards that have a smaller limit on them will go on the market for as much as $9.

Hold your horses though, this is just scraping the tip of the iceberg. Credit cards are not the only items being sold on the dark web.

In fact, the full identities of individuals like me and you are being sold right now as we speak for a price of as low as $10 a piece.

The sellers that can provide just the right amount of financial, geographic and biographical information are able to help other criminals pass those security questions that sites ask for and thus make a lot of damage to an unsuspected victim.

These types of documents on someone’s personal information are called Fullz.

Researchers have noticed that more and more bulks of pre-verified cards and personal details have been rising in the stolen identity industry on darknet markets.

People are able to generate even more information from their victims—Just to give you an idea of how big the lengths are, one seller was able to include the cardholder’s mother’s maiden name.

And still, the average price for an individual identity is around $21.

All of this goes to say that in today’s world, no piece of information is safe.

Hackers and cybercriminals are always searching for new ways to obtain personal information from someone, which in some hands is that last piece of the puzzle that will let them be able to get a bank loan in your name without you even noticing it until it’s too late.

Or they are going to use your personal information to buy illegal goods like weapons or drugs. In some really dark cases, people can even hire a hitman using your information.

Time is changing fast, and average people are becoming a bit too dependent on finishing everything just with a click of a button or a swipe on a touch screen.

It is recommended that anyone who has fair knowledge of the internet to also take steps in understanding how to keep their personal information secured and out of the grasp of cybercriminals.

Monitor your banking cards closely, and when you see any suspicious transactions, go to your card issuer and freeze the card.

Also, don’t depend on your credit card too much—sometimes the simple act of tucking a couple of dollar bills into a place where only you know will save you.

Additionally, don’t trust third-party companies that “keep your private information safe.” Oftentimes, you will have little control over your information and chances are that those “companies” are actually run by cybercriminals who are making big bucks off your information on the dark web.



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