Man Bought Weed From The Dark Web, Intercepted By Authorities

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Man Bought Weed From The Dark WebDark web news is widespread nowadays, with the rampant use of illicit marketplaces serving as a haven for drug dealers and criminals.

Online availability presents easy access to almost everyone who wishes to use weed.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Some people deem ordering drugs online for personal use is not something to be frowned upon.

However, having a darker illegal purpose is a different story.

Recently, a man was arrested upon interception of drug parcel within the United Kingdom, one that came with the intention to resell it.

Mark Dornan, 22 years old, a UK citizen went out of bounds and sooner than later was faced the consequences.

Dark Web User Bust

Mark Dornan conveniently bought weed amounting to half a kilo from the dark web.

This particular person wanted to go beyond recreational use and planned on reselling the drugs.

The UK Border Force caught wind of the deal and seized the packed marijuana.

By the looks of it, the dark web-acquired package seemed to have been shipped from Belgium.

UK police officers obtained a search warrant that was immediately followed by a raid.

On April 8, law enforcement officials stormed Dornan’s home in Raploch Sterling and ended up confiscating several items.

Stirling Sheriff Court reportedly discovered a shoebox that held digital scales, British pounds amounting to £570 in cash, along with a card with scribbled undecipherable notations.

This journal possibly contains logged information on transactions made by Dornan, on dark web procured and sold drugs.

A message was also discovered from the phone, revealing an agreement with someone for a half-ounce weed supply for £125.

The pending drug deal explicitly showed Dornan’s intention to resell the goods he has purchased from a dark web marketplace.

Guilty as Charged

guiltyThis drug bust took place back in April of this year and was put in the limelight in recent days.

It’s something that must not be overlooked, as an event that’s a reminder that such unsanctioned action would eventually answer to the law.

Mark Dornan is a plasterer in Raploch, with no offending history whatsoever. He pleaded guilty to the charge of his involvement in herbal cannabis supply.

Frazer McCready, Dornan’s lawyer, stated that his client was going through financial difficulties, whereby the circumstances clearly display that the man was beyond his means and apparently sunken in debt.

However, instead of seeking debt counseling like what he is already doing now, Dornan made the foolish decision of entering the dark web scene and becoming a supplier of marijuana.

He adds that this kind of drug was sure to be intercepted, and there are immediate consequences.

Despite having no criminal record, Sheriff Wyllie Robertson had to impose the six-month sentence in regards to the weed’s value.

Considering his clear intent of reselling drugs and the primary acquisition of weed from the dark web, it seems that Dornan got off lightly with this time to spend in jail.

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