How To Track Down Stolen Data On Dark Web

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data has been hackedMore often than not, it could take weeks or months to discover that critical company or customer data has been hacked.

Stolen data can be anything from names, addresses, login credentials, social security and credit card numbers, financial details, to an entire database of personal information, fingerprints, and more.

Hackers appear to be getting real busy as they routinely make off to the dark web with sensitive data.

They typically break into the data held by government agencies, banks, hospitals, retailers, and just about every organization.

They are pretty good as well as in targeting individuals such as celebrities and even Adult content websites users among all sorts of people.

What’s surprising is, the media and news often gain firsthand information about a breach or compromised data already on the dark web.

Your TOR usage is being watched

There is also software called crypto-ransomware where bad actors boldly deal with their victims, excruciating them of the invaluable or shameful data stolen from them.

What if you can track down the data and remove it from the dark web, or do so even before it tracks you and changes your life forever?

Data Tracking Tools and Strategies

Security organizations have managed to come up with a few different strategies to address this.

There are network tools designed to detect intrusions, scrutinize detailed logs to reveal unauthorized access, and monitor the dark web where the stolen data most likely is.

Finding such data posted to the dark web is a difficult challenge, but having access to these tools can greatly help for your protection and peace of mind.

Have I Been Pwned

A site created by security researcher Troy Hunt, which allows users to check if hackers have spilled any of their information.

The service aggregates personal account data that has been accessed illegally and makes it readily searchable.

This is sourced from data posted on the dark web which it indexes and lets you subscribe to search for your particular records.

You simply have to run your email address or username, and if you get hits, this could be an indicator that you’ve been compromised.

Hold Security

CyberSecurityA cybersecurity firm that helps safeguards credentials with their deep web intelligence.

The service searches dark web forums and sites, gather the potentially stolen data, indexes it and then keeps an eye out for indicators that might identify a company.

Hold Security highlights that knowing your enemy is the best defense against them.

DLP or Data Loss Prevention

Some organizations are leveraging the data loss prevention (DLP) tools they have in place to aid in discovering lost data on dark web.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this service works for tracking and securing confidential data wherever it is, physically or on the internet, kept in the computer, mobile, or backup storage.

Sufficient DLP must be in place for the utmost safety of any data.

Honey Tokens

Many companies are starting to seed sensitive internal databases with fictitious accounts, referred to as honey tokens, which can function as an early alert system of a security breach.

To attackers, these fake accounts look real with details such as a login history and 30-day activity.

If someone attempts to log in using the fake portal credentials or a few accounts suddenly receive spam email, this can be an indicator of a data breach, and it’s the best time to act quickly.

Dark Web Monitoring

Valuable data tends to show up for sale in the shady alleyways of the internet.

It makes sense to monitor dark web marketplaces which provide anonymity to both buyers and sellers.

However, it can be very tricky considering that they are hidden by encryption tools such as the Tor network in the first place.

A service provided Baltimore-based Terbium Labs boasts of being able to crawl the dark web anonymously and cut back detection time in minutes.

Matchlight scans hacker forums and black markets inside and out, covering both surface web and the dark web, and notifies clients if ever confidential data turns up.

Damage may have already been done once the stolen data is out and about on the dark web, but getting an alert in the fastest possible time holds the potential to save individuals and business owners alike.

Knowing how to track stolen data allows people to act on their security measures, and can keep a company from learning about their data breach in the next day’s morning news.

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