University Student Gets Busted with Weed Which Was Bought from The Dark Web

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With the dark web being out there along with tutorials on how to access it, it is easier now more than ever before for kids to buy drugs

Most of us will encounter someone smoking Marijuana sometime in their life. But watching someone get busted right in front of your eyes is a whole different story.

It is no doubt that kids these days have access to more information than ever. With the dark web being out there along with tutorials on how to access it, it is easier now more than ever before for kids to buy drugs.

All it takes is the simple act of buying Bitcoin and depositing it to a digital wallet on the dark web. It is that easy!

This makes it even more difficult for parents and law enforcement agencies to control. Technology is hard for parents to control in this day of age. It is no longer kids meeting up in alleyways, but getting drugs from the comfort of their very own home.

With that in my in mind, it is easy to see how cases like this are popping up more in society.

Last Friday, I was at my university. It felt like a regular day but more crazy due to the weekend coming up. I was in my Finance-Business class hearing a lecture from a professor.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Halfway through the class, the speakers turned on. They called a fellow student to the office. (For privacy reasons, he will go by the name Kade.)

When he was walking up to the stairs to get to the exit, I saw a weird look on his face. I thought nothing more about it. When class ended, everyone went to lunch including me. I met up with a couple of friends walking around campus.

They told me about what just happened in the university office.

They informed me that someone snitched on Kade about having marijuana in his locker. A guy who goes by the name Will was the one who snitched his friend out. Not only that, he also snitched other people out.

A friend saw all of this when he was going to the office for medication and witnessed a crazy scene.

policeman standing on the road on a sunny day wearing a bullet proof vest mentioning Police on his body
a police officer talked to the students

He saw police officers in the office and students talking to them. They also caught the students with Juul, a vape that is as bad as smoking.

Earlier that week before any of this happened, I saw him in the bathroom with a flash drive-looking thing. I asked him what it was and he said do not worry about it. I later learned that some Juul’s are meant to look like a flash drive.

It begs the question of how easily drugs can be snuck into school. Schools can’t control everything, especially if it looks like a day-to-day item you use. First it was a flash drive, next it will probably be paper.

I know a little about how this person got the drugs. I heard him talking about how he had purchased the weed from the dark web. Weed on the dark web is not cheap, but it won’t cost an arm and a leg. He got the Juul from his brother who is in a gang.

A Juul can be bought from their website. It is so easy to buy with the click of a button for less than $50. Students could also pick them up at cigarette and convenience stores.

It makes you wonder the full extent of what kids will do to get drugs for them to use.

Later in that week students involved were arrested

Later in that week I had heard more news about the school incident. They had a long talk with the police, I do remember seeing Kade walk back down to get his backpack. Most people speculate that the students involved were arrested.

I came back to school after the weekend to be surprised to see them there. Someone told me they were sent to the police station and almost arrested. But instead, the charges were dropped and they were given a heavy warning and an hour of community service.

It is not the first time I’ve had heard of students getting arrested for drugs, but this was a first with the dark web involved.

Seeing this happen at my university really made me think. It is mind-boggling about the amount of resources kids have to use these days. For the good or for the bad, one thing is certain: now its harder than ever to stop the availability of drugs for kids to use.



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