Stolen Apple Credentials Can Be Acquired on the Dark Web

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A new report has found that hackers are selling user credentials to Apple Music and iCloud on the dark web.

It has come to light that Apple users are at a risk of having their accounts compromised by hackers and sold on the dark web at a cheap price.

A new report has found that hackers are accessing users’ credentials and listing them for sale in darknet markets. The stolen identities can be acquired from the dark web for as low as $15.

This is according to Top10VPN’s Dark Web Market Price Index, which lists Apple account credentials as one of the more valuable offerings when compared to other sources of stolen login information for consumer devices.

The stolen data, listed in the index’s “entertainment section,” can include anything from stolen iCloud accounts to credentials for the Apple App Store or Apple Music platforms.

Since these platforms may operate under the same username and password credentials, this makes it easier for hackers capitalize on the stolen information for profit.

Apple Often Praised for Security

Apple is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers globally. Along its rise to the top, the company has established a reputation for safeguarding the security of its users.

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History has it that Apple devices are less vulnerable to security threats compared to products of other popular brands like Android and Windows. iPhones are often praised for their encryption and data protection features.

But a recent series of major security mishaps have tarnished the company’s standing in the cybersecurity arena.

And at the time time, it may come as a shock to Apple customers that their whole identity can be acquired on the dark web for a low cost.

Apple Device Vulnerabilities

In the recent past, Apple has experienced some critical attacks on their systems despite the company’s high-rated security features.

In January, Apple released three new security updates aimed at protecting Safari and WebKit from the notorious Spectre attack. It also rolled out a security patch for its operating systems.

Spectre is a critical security vulnerability on modern microprocessors—if exploited, it allows hackers to access the data which is previously termed as protected. When a malicious program is installed into the system, it interferes with the techniques—speculative execution and caching—that are used to speed up computer chips.

Modern computers are said to have these security flaws, though they are difficult to detect. A general computer user will have the knowledge that their data is protected oblivious to the attacks taking place at the same time.

When other users gain access to protected data—meaning the data that requires permission from the owner—they can manipulate it according to their wish. Most of this stolen data is used for scams.

This kind of data is what Top10VPN found surfacing on the dark web.

The report shows that a large volume of stolen Apple identification data, hacked accounts and personal information had been listed for sale on certain darknet sites. This sensitive information is compiled and tagged with prices according to its valuation.

The rates are factored out after considering the content of each account, such as the quantity of funds available.

Tips for Maintaining Solid Security

The concept of credit card theft
In January, Apple released three new security updates aimed at protecting Safari and WebKit from the notorious Spectre attack.

Smartphone security does not only depend on the manufacturers’ ability to make reliable devices. The user also plays an essential role in ensuring maximum protection.

Hackers always find new ways to detect security flaws which they can manipulate to access your data. It is still crucial for a user to update their device when a new patch is released.

Users should ensure that their device is secure by blocking certain app permissions that can be used to steal their personal information. Having two-factor authentication when using iCloud and other Apple services is also a way of improving security.

Password use is also a vital way to ensure your information is safe. It recommended that a long password with multiple character types should be used. It’s also useful to change your password over time.

Other measures include ignoring unfamiliar links when browsing online, as well as activating the auto-erase feature on your iPhone in case someone tries to breach your password security.



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