Dark Web Drug Dealer’s Simple Mistake Led to His Arrest

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28-year-old ChukwuemekaOkparaekewas arrested in New Jersey for conspiracy to distribute an analogue of fentanyl via the dark web.

A dark web drug dealer has been busted after a month’s long investigations revealed that he has been reselling drugs online that he received from overseas.

Chukwuemeka Okparaeke has been charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl analogues; a synthetic opioid that is believed to be stronger than heroine.

Chukwuemeka has been accused of receiving the opioids in large quantities and repackaging them into smaller quantities before reselling them.

Authorities revealed that he sold the opioids on a popular dark web marketplace, accessible online through specialized browsing software that allows its users to mask their identities with encryption and relays.

On February 1st, the authorities interviewed the 28-year old as part of the investigation, just one week after they executed a search warrant on his Samsung Galaxy S5.

During the search, the authorities found out that Okparaeke’s phone contained apps that allow dark web users to disguise IP addresses, monitor payment transactions, and encrypt messages.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Some of the apps this dark web user had on his smartphone included a Private Internet Access app (VPN), Bitcoin checking app, and the Orbot Tor proxy app.

Furthermore, the investigators realized that Okparaeke had severally posted on Reddit between August and January.

The several incriminating Reddit posts retrieved from his search history could help the investigators in the case.

If true, it would be evident that Chukwuemeka used to be a doctor.

The authorities also discovered a thread with a title “Darknet markets short story.” The details in the thread were similar to the evidence that the investigators had collected earlier.

Ironically, considering his technical ability, the dark web operator had forgotten to clear his browsing history – another simple mistake that led to his arrest.

Fentanyl ampoules on white background
Chukwuemeka Okparaeke has been charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl analogues; a synthetic opioid that is believed to be stronger than heroine.

Initially, a Reddit user had written a short story about how a dark web operator is selling large quantities of fentanyl on the darknet and later shipping it via postal service.

The writer describes himself as a former doctor who decided to be a drug dealer, but he fears that his moves are being monitored by the federal government.

However, the US Postal Inspection Service doesn’t see the posts as fantasy anymore.

Instead, they strongly believe that the author, “BMoreProduct1” is none other than Chukwuemeka Okparaeke, and has committed the very same act he was masquerading as mere fiction.

What led to his arrest?

Chukwuemeka is said to have bought fentanyl from suppliers overseas and shipped them to his customers in the United States via post offices in New Jersey and New York.

Nevertheless, this is where he threw caution to the winds, and his plan fell apart.

The postal workers grew suspicious of the man wearing latex gloves when handing over his packages.

The workers noted the dark web dealer’s registration after he bought many priority mail stamps to pay for shipping as well as his driver’s license.

These details were forwarded to federal authorities in the US Postal Inspection Service and used it to track him down.

Law enforcement intercepted inbound packages of the opioids at JKL airport.

When other officers made fentanyl purchases on the dark web from Chukwuemeka later, it was realized that the packaging, postage, return address, and even the drug all matched the simultaneous investigation.

According to the police, Chukwuemeka sold the fentanyl analogues under the pseudonym “Fentmaster” in order to hide his real identity.

A number of Reddit users wrote positive reviews of this drug, and described the dark web operator’s shipment as “on point” but “not suitable to order to your parents’ house.” However, after the arrest, users didn’t hesitate to warn others not to make orders from Fentmaster and told them that law enforcement has complete control on his Reddit and AB account.

The dark web operator is being tried in White Plains federal court, New York.

If found guilty, Okparaeke may be facing a jail term of more than ten years.

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