Owl Detect: A Dark Web Scanning Service for Stolen Data

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OwlDetect, a newly launched online service that aims to scan the dark web for stolen data.

A new online service known as OwlDetect has been launched in the UK following recent rampant cyber-attacks.

It is capable of scanning the dark web for any kind of stolen data.

Your TOR usage is being watchedYour TOR usage is being watched

A lot of stolen data, that has either been leaked or hacked by cyber criminals, is available for sale on the dark web.

This information includes personal information like usernames, passwords, financial information including bank account logins, credit and debit card numbers, email addresses and the list is endless.

Cyber criminals trade these kinds of stolen data on the dark web for bitcoins, an online digital currency used on darknet markets.

OwlDetect, however, assures the public that the online service is well equipped with well-trained staff and experts to scan the dark web for their stolen data.

The creators of OwlDetect maintain that it is capable to scan over 10,000 online forums and 1,000 Twitter accounts for compromised information on a daily basis.

Many big companies, financial institutions and even dating websites are targeted by these hackers.

This year, Yahoo admitted to have had at least 500 million of its users’ account information leaked in 2014.

This was only found out this year, meaning that it took almost two years for the users and the general public to be notified of the security breach.

OwlDetect seeks to revolutionize this trend by almost immediately alerting its subscribers in case their information is leaked on the dark web.

OwlDetect offers its service at a monthly subscription of £3.50.

It gives all its subscribers who are using the OwlDetect services for the first time, a complete background check of any information the users may have online; if they find any match on dark web, they alert the user and the relevant company.

Subscribers of OwlDetect are also assured to be notified in case any of their personal credentials are discovered.

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They use a number of online programs that with the help of trained experts can scan thousands of dark web sites for stolen data.

OwlDetect not only scans dark web for any form of stolen data but also gives advice to its subscribers on how to best protect their online accounts.

Victims of cyber-attacks are also guided by OwlDetect on the way forward after their accounts have been hacked.

Professor Richard Benham, who is a member of the OwlDetect advisory team, stated that we are all at risk of having our personal credentials hacked.

Though, accessing the dark web is not quite technically difficult, tracking down leaked information is almost impossible, as it is hidden and inaccessible using standard search engines.

The creators of OwlDetect claim that the online service has been created in a bid to enable users to stop depending on companies which take weeks, months and even years to alert users of stolen data.

When they eventually do, they are not even sure whether facts are true or mere allegations, hence leaving the public confused.

OwlDetect however, assures the public that their services are efficient, reliable and accurate.

They use a number of online programs that with the help of trained experts can scan thousands of dark web sites for stolen data.

In a nutshell, the launch of OwlDetect services is very timely in a digital age where many companies are targeted by professional cyber criminals, who trade stolen data on the dark web.

We live in an era where just like any other crime, cybercrime is real.

Millions fall victims to these hackers every day.

However, with service providers like OwlDetect, online security is assured and sanity restored to our online systems.

OwlDetect promises to track down stolen data on dark web and alert the users in case of any matching information they come across.

The subscribers of OwlDetect are then notified immediately through email and text messages.

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