Prison Librarian Ordered Handgun From Dark Web

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An HMP Brixton prison librarian named Dwain Osborne has been charged with different counts including ordering a gun on the dark web, stealing a police uniform and also possession of cocaine with intent to distribute it.

He was arrested in October 2015 when he tried to buy a handgun and ammunition from a darknet market.

Though he was soon released on bail pending further inquiries, the second raid of his home yielded a media drive with information on the Brixton Prison, stolen passports, and a police uniform.

Dwain and Dark Web

Dwain Osborne, a 26-year-old librarian, earning £22,000 a year at HMP Brixton, ordered a Glock 19 handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition online from a darknet market. He wanted the gun to be delivered to his home address in Penge.

His home is presumed to be the center of his drug dealing operations.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The gun dealer was, unfortunately, a US agent who promptly notified the NCA, and Dwain’s home was raided in October by the Organized Crime Partnership (OCP) which has officers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and National Crime Agency (NCA) working together. He was then discharged on bail.

Andy Tickner of the OCP stated that it is illegal to source firearms using the anonymity of the dark web.

He also added that stoppage of purchase and sales of firearms on the dark web is a national security affair of high priority.

Those who tried to anonymously sourced firearms from the dark web would continue to realize that they would ultimately be found out and tried, he stated.

A second search of the librarian’s home in February yielded weighing scales, ten wraps of cocaine (3.75g) and 13.8 g of cocaine, a media drive and about £735 in cash.

Though Dwain clarified that the cocaine that he ordered was for personal use, he had browsed for details on how he could procure a kilo of cocaine from Peru.

He had used the Tor browser to mask his identity while accessing the dark web.

He searched for weapons and drugs on sites such as Black Market Reloaded; it is purported.

The prosecutor Tom Forster said that the online searches on the dark web were suggestive that Dwain was interested in large amounts of cocaine.

The media drive that was recovered from Dwaine’s house contained details of many prisoners.

However, the charge for the stolen media drive and illegally accessing details on the computer was dropped.

He said that he purchased Class A drugs for the purpose of giving it to a friend.

However, Judge Gerald Gordon said that the amounts of drug that the defendant searched for and procured made it evident that he had an active interest and also that he benefited commercially through the supply of the drug.

The charges on Dwain Osborne included an attempt to possess firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life, possession of fake identity documents, possession of Class A substances with intent to distribute and possession of Class B substances.

In total Osborne was charged with nine offenses.

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