First-Ever Play About the Dark Web to Be Shown in London

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Theater curtain and stage.
The Bitcoin-funded play ‘Silk Road (How to Buy Drugs Online)’ is being hosted by London’s Trafalgar Studios this August.

London’s Trafalgar Studios will be hosting the world’s first dark web-themed play.

Titled ‘Sillk Road: How to Buy Drugs Online,’ the Bitcoin-funded theatre production will premiere in London this August.

The world-famous play, written by Alex Oates, made history in 2014 with its first showing at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The showing was made possible through an anonymous Bitcoin donation that Oates received prior to the play.

An unidentified sponsor provided Oates with an unspecified amount of crypto coins, making this theatre production the first one of its kind to gain this kind of funding.

Oates’ Thoughts on the Play & Its Funding

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Oates explained that at the time of writing the play, back in 2014, Bitcoin was still a novelty.

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Therefore he is thrilled that his play was initially made possible through the anonymous donation of crypto funds, the writer said. According to Oates, Bitcoin is here to stay.

Moreover, in his interview, he stated that it was an honor to be the writer of the first play funded by cryptocurrency and is certain that it won’t be the last one.

The inspiration behind Oates’ work was primarily the interviews with real dark web drug dealers, he explained.

Supposedly, Oates craved to explore the dangers and adventures behind the unsupervised part of the Internet.

The Plot of ‘Silk Road (How to Buy Drugs Online)’

The story is based around Bruce Blakemore, a young 19-year-old Geordie tech-enthusiast who desires more for his life.

Blakemore, an adolescent who lives with his grandmother, gets introduced to cocaine by his high school crush.

However, after she leaves, he is left with a despair and the urge to impress her.

Young boy plays on a computer using two monitors.
The showing was made possible through an anonymous Bitcoin donation that Oates received prior to the play.

Following these circumstances, Blakemore discovers Silk Road—his door to exploring the depths of the internet underworld, consisting of pirates and undetected criminals.

The main focus of the play is set on the title itself—How to buy drugs online.

More precisely, the play shows the new ways of buying and dealing drugs in the modern society.

The writer describes this ease of buying drugs in a rather direct way.

Silk Road Is Back with a Run at Trafalgar Studios This Summer

The show will run at the Trafalgar Studios from August 7 to September 1.

The combination of slickness and brutality in Oates’s writing and the work of the director Dominic Shaw has resulted in a promising production.

‘Silk Road (How to Buy Drugs Online)’ is a rollercoaster of emotions which keeps the audience on their toes throughout the whole show, according to the critics.

The title and the story of the play creation are an excitement themselves, while the role of the young, promising actor Josh Barrow brought a unique energy and dynamics to the performance.

The play’s first showing was followed with a second one at the VAULT Festival earlier this year, gaining the likes of the wider audience.

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