Not All Contents on Dark Web are Illicit, According to Study

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Not all Dark Web resources are illicit, immoral, or illegal.

The dark web, a criminal den where drug dealers, assassination markets, child exploitation, human trade and many worst things are done under safely cloaked in anonymity. This is what we were told about Dark Web and in the past.

Terbium Labs is the data intelligence provider that has conducted the data-driven and a fact-based research report that went too far corners of the internet to study the dark web.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Right from the day one anonymity was introduced to the internet, it has a reputation of undergoing illicit activities with privacy as its core. We now break the fact: most of the dark web is legal.

However, the majority of the dark web falls under the categories of illicit sales of drugs, pornographic contents, fraud and other criminal acts.

According to their recent study, they found that almost 55% of darknet content is legal.

Anonymity might stimulate crime but anonymity itself is not a crime, but many are using it for privacy and security.

Terbium Labs made a data-driven and a fact-based research that proved the majority of the dark web content is legal up to 54.5% of total.
Terbium Labs made a data-driven and a fact-based research that proved the majority of the dark web content is legal up to 54.5% of total.

Terbium Labs has selected 400 sample URLs to crawl and reviewed them. They have classified all these websites into different categories like legal, explicit, pharmaceuticals, drugs, multiple categories (illegal), falsified documents and counterfeits, fraud, hacking and exploits, exploitation, weapons, weapons of mass destruction, extremism, unknown/site down, downloadable file, and other illicit activities.

Emily Wilson, director of Analysis at Terbium Labs states that “dark web is not really dark as many have thought.”

The majority of darknet research data till date has focused on illegal activity while neglecting the existence of legal content.

Most users of Tor hidden services use Facebook, Scandinavian political parties, technology, European graphic design firms, and personal blogs about security ever erectile dysfunction. This anonymity is not criminal, but it’s a mere desire for privacy.

Yes, it is true, legal content conjures most of the dark web, half of those URLs and pages researched proved to be fully classified.

Not all the explicit content on dark web is exploitation. Many of those have perfectly legal videos, photos and written material or more consenting adults, available for free and for purchase.

Most of the explicit sites also receive a certain amount of web traffic by having functional legal x-rated sites which are available exclusively for users of Tor browser.

One more interesting thing is pharmaceuticals, where darknet pharmacies provide access to prescription medications, recalled over-the-counter providers and unregulated supplements.

There is another advantage for this Terbium Labs’ darknet crawler that continuously scours the dark web and adds some new records to the database.

It is a comprehensive and representative data set which can measure the hidden data behind captcha and logins, unique data set and much more which are difficult to find through human-curated lists.

Choosing Privacy is not illegal: Many speculate the negative thoughts on the commitment to anonymity; most of the dark web is entirely legal and that is nearly about 54.5% of legal content search.

Adult content is Major, not all of it is illegal: X-Rated always stays in the hotlist, but a vast amount of content that is entirely legal – nearly 7% of the total content is observed.

Drugs a Popular Topic: Drugs will make about 12% of the total content on the dark web, 45% legal content on the web is focused on drugs and 3% for pharmaceuticals.

Fraud is expected lower than anticipated showing only 2% of total darknet content and nearly 5% of the illicit content. It might be because of fraud content which is available frequently on the web.

One of the major causes of this research is finding any extremist activities that are undergoing or not in dark web content, in its research it found only one incident of extremism.


As part of the darknet content is legal and even lacking interest. It doesn’t mean it is safe and we do heed our warning this information is not an endorsement or encouragement to start using dark web.

The categories that are not legal are dominated by drugs, fraud and other categories of illicit activity. Be cautious that legal content has the potential to be dangerous, even damaging.

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The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.


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