Alleged Murder Suspect Linked to Dark Web Site “Besa Mafia”

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Stephen Allwine, the alleged murder suspect in his deceased wife’s murder case, ostensibly sought help from dark web site, Besa Mafia.

Stephen Allwine allegedly shot his wife, Amy Allwine, from close quarters using a nine-millimeter handgun.

A crime of undisclosed motives, the fatal shooting took place last year at their home in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

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Allwine was arrested and detained following a criminal complaint after shooting his wife in the head.

Prosecutors are now focusing on what could be a key element in the impending court case in which Allwine will face second-degree murder charges.

Apparently, Allwine had first sought the services of a hitman from dark web site “Besa Mafia,” Believed to be run by Albanian hitmen, the site claimed to provide services for people looking to have someone killed or injured.

That was until a hacker infiltrated the site and exposed it as an elaborate ruse.

Besa Mafia turned out to be nothing but a hub of scammers looking to wring out every last dollar from people looking to kill or otherwise injure other people.

Hacker Might Have Alerted the FBI to Allwine’s Case

Although the FBI reacted too late to save the life of Allwine’s deceased wife, it was the leaked customer details and private messages from the dark web site that tipped them off to the danger Amy Allwine was in.

This goes to show law enforcement’s awareness of the general happenings relating to dark web, seeing as that they were able to access the leaked information from dark web.

Allwine is said to have approached the dark web site’s hitmen using the pseudonym “dogdaygod.” He provided information about the whereabouts of his late wife to the dark web hitmen, saying that she would be visiting Moline in Illinois.

This was last year in March, and after Allwine parted with a $6,000 service fee, he assumed that the hit would go on as planned.

Being the scammers that they are, the people behind the dark web site soon contacted him, explaining that they had encountered a problem and that their hitman was in police custody.

They then proceeded to ask for an additional $12,000 to complete the job as originally planned.

The dark web site was revealed to be a scam in May when a hacker infiltrated its security and leaked private messages and customer details.

Allwine didn’t find hitmen at the dark web

Allwine Decided to Take Matters into his Own Hands

After being disappointed by the dark web site for a hitman, Allwine apparently decided to get rid of the idea of a hitman service and perform the task himself.

Using the same pseudonym, he focused his sights on another dark web market known as the Dream Market.

Here, he hoped to purchase scopolamine, a drug which renders its victim unable to exercise their free will and purportedly erases their memory as well.

The colorless, odorless, and highly solvent drug would later be found in extremely high concentrations in Allwine’s deceased wife.

FBI’s Attempts to Save Amy’s Life were Weak at Best

In June, Special Agent Silkey from the FBI and Detective Raymond made contact with the Allwines for the first time.

They urged Amy Allwine to reinforce her home security and to visit the nearest police department as soon as possible.

At this time, Stephen Allwine had not yet been linked to the pseudonym that had been used to contact the dark web hitman service.

The death threats kept on coming, according to the investigators.

Threatening emails that urged Amy to commit suicide or suffer the consequences were sent to her by an anonymous individual.

In July, Stephen Allwine finally secured the pistol that would be used to end Amy’s life.

The nine-millimeter handgun, ostensibly sourced from the dark web as well, was used to fatally shoot Amy Allwine in the head from close range.

Amy had spent her last day feeling uncharacteristically faint, a result of consuming the extreme amounts of scopolamine that her husband had covertly given her.

Stephen Allwine Finally Linked to the Murder

Gunshot residue on Stephen’s right hand and a deleted backup file of the Bitcoin address used by dogdaygod to make payments to the dark web hitman website are what helped the authorities to finally make the connection between the pseudonym and Stephen.

He was arrested then later released on a $500,000 conditional bail, which he violated, leading to his second arrest.

He is currently awaiting trial, which is scheduled to take place on June 2, 2017.

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  1. Anonymous

    Seriously, why can’t the shitheads who took the $18,000 from the alleged shithead who murdered his wife be charged with conspiracy to commit the murder right along with the husband? After all, they were certainly aware of the plot to have his wife murdered long before it actually happened and did nothing to prevent it. And why isn’t the FBI and all other manner of law enforcement personnel actively engaged in infiltrating the Dark Web on a massive scale offering to take someone out just so they can prevent these totally preventable crimes?

    Fuck, I can’t think of any “free spirit” who would be opposed to this type of police work to take real dangerous fucks out of the public domain right along with any of the sick International kiddie porn syndicates that literally crucify the lives of children and actually quite openly so with what goes on in the Philippines were parents pimp their own children via the Internet so the family can have money for food.

    • Anonymous

      The Besa Mafia admins sent that info to FBI… FBI even visited the shithead house and told him someone wants to murder his wife and asked if he knows who could that be.. so FBI din’t do their job in this thing, the admins did their job of saving the life

  2. Anonymous

    Actually even though they are scammers ..I’ts not the hacker that reported it to police…it’s the scammers who take the money at besa mafia who reported it to police and fbi

    ..if you read a lot more than you think of wild ideas
    You would know this by now.

    They scamm the money to stop the murderer
    Thinking they’d give up after losing money
    So couldn’t ask others to do that dirty work.
    At same time making a profit from people’s stupidity.

  3. Anonymous

    is this true


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