Liberty Market Publicly Posted A Dark Web Job

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Liberty Market Place Advertises First Ever Public DarkWeb Help Wanted Sign.

A public job advertisement is not something you would expect to get the whole internet buzzing – then again, most “help wanted” advertisements do not come from well-known French underground markets.

Recently, Liberty Market posted a job advertisement publicly in what many see as a bold display of guts. To put things in perspective, Liberty Market is a popular French dark web marketplace which is every bit as illegitimate as the rest of them. While the nature of the job is fairly non-criminal, there is still a lot of debate on the legitimacy of the job offer as a whole.

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The Details

Time and again, the French underground has been described as “the most unique” on the dark web in existence. A recent development has shown just how unique the underground market is.

The French dark web marketplace is apparently looking for content “cleaner.” This is a person who is fluent in the French language and has great spelling and grammar skills. The person would be required to “clean up” or correct the language used in the posts of the underground forum.

A loose translation of the job advertisement reads as follows:

“We are looking to hire a male or female member who possesses good spelling and grammatical skills in French. He/she should also be familiar with web page layout adjustments. They should be able to log on for at least one hour and a half for four times a week.

They will be in charge of correcting the layout of forum posts and enhancing its readability. One may be required to correct several dozens of posts every time they log. They will be given their own dashboard which will afford them the independent control needed to correct the posts.

Payment is with virtual or physical goods. These can be checks, stolen credit card data and stolen goods provided they do not amount to more than 700 Euros per month. Contact us via private message.”

Great Job Offer

Earning EUR 700 per month simply for correcting web pages and French grammar is as lucrative as you would expect a dark web job to get. While most people recognize this, the prospect of handling illegal information, currency, and goods proves to be the deal breaker. Nevertheless, it is the public display of bravado from the dark web marketplace that has captured the attention of many.

The Elaborate Nature of Dark Web Marketplaces

This advertisement has opened people’s eyes to the intricacy involved with dark web marketplaces. Contrary to what many might have initially believed, Liberty Market is a platform that requires individuals who specialize in different areas of expertise in order to run smoothly.

Cedric Pernet, a Trend Micro researcher, elucidates that there are essential roles in the dark web marketplaces beyond the technical operations of the platforms. Managing the content of the marketplace forum is also crucial.

In light of the job advertisement, he says, it is clear that even cybercriminals understand the importance of the fluency and the readability of their web content. The French language is a particularly complex one especially when one takes into account the gendered nouns and verbs involved.

Pernet went ahead to point out that most of their phishing scams heavily rely on having professional standards. Simple errors such as spelling mistakes and poor grammar can greatly impede their work. Since most cybercriminals depend on their technical skills, outsourcing becomes inevitable when grammar skills come into play.

The First of Many

Semantics aside, experts are expecting more publicly posted job openings from other dark web markets in the days to come. If this audacious experiment turns favorable, there is no doubt that more and more cryptomarkets will be seeking to expand their talent pool using public means of recruitment.

Pernet predicts that once the dark web dealers come up with better payment methods such as the use of cryptocurrency and other untraceable means, law enforcement will be well out of their depth in trying to curb the recruitment of new talent.


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