Dark web Group “Italian Mafia Brussels” Arrested By Authorities

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Mafia BrusselsPolice in Belgium arrested six suspects, and most of them were nabbed in the Bruges area.

However, others among the six suspects were arrested in the United States and in Romania.

The arrests came as part of a global police operation in which authorities arrested the dark web vendor group known as “Italian Mafia Brussels” who trade Ecstasy and MDMA tablets on darknet markets.

The Italian Mafia Brussels drug ring masked their packages as if they were from certain companies and smuggled the drugs to the US.

In 2014 of February, authorities contacted an investigation after several companies received parcels which had been returned from the US, that they had never sent.

A firm from Sink-Niklaas town was the first to report this issue to the authorities.

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They informed the authorities about an undeliverable package that had been sent back to them from the US, which they had never sent.

Dark web Group Italian Mafia BrusselsThe parcel had 1 kg. of MDMA that is sufficient to make 10,000 pills of XTC.

Law enforcement agencies found out that there were some companies in West Flanders (Bruges), Brussels and Antwerp, who had experienced the same issue.

Names of the firms were used by the gang that trade products that had a similarly physical appearance like their drugs.

The “Italian Mafia Brussels” vendor group had its presence on some dark web marketplaces and trade its drugs mostly from Belgium, but they have also been using other countries for shipping, like Germany or France.

They were also using bitcoins to accept payments from buyers.

Such arrests are on the rise at a high rate because of more cooperation from the global law enforcement community and huge budgets for law enforcement agencies to conduct dark web operations.

In spite of the growing number of arrests, and the seemingly unending campaign against dark web marketplaces, such as the Silk Road, online drug trafficking is nonetheless on the rise.

The FBI together with other law enforcement agencies has been upping their game to catch similar criminals; however, demand continues to increase.

Apparently, it is becoming more popular for individuals to get drugs from the comfort of their homes than a dangerous street alley.

According to Global Drug Survey 2016 report, dark web markets have a customer base that just will not stop growing.

Sometimes clients don’t even use Bitcoin and Tor directly to make buy drugs, but instead, order through their colleagues and friends who do and still make the sales increase.

It is a global growth trend, even though it is overly centered in north European countries, such as Sweden.

With the best efforts of international law enforcement agencies being dwarfed by growing demand, the market for bitcoins use on the dark web is now growing than ever, and more secure.

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