Two Firms in Israel and Tokyo Team up to Fight Dark Web Crime

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Israel’s IntSights and Tokyo-based Fujitsu have collaborated to curb the sale of stolen data on the dark web.

The dark web has, for a long time, provided special accommodation to the masterminds and orchestrators of some of the world’s top known crimes.

This stems from the fact that the dark web is, in itself, hidden from the sharp eyes of law enforcement agencies.

To highlight this point, a 2016 World Drug Report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) made a targeted mention to the existence of a robust drug network that has been supported by the dark web.

Darknet criminals have been very elusive of the law, and they always appear to be several steps ahead of law enforcement efforts to contain online crime. Many countries have been unable to curb dark web crime by arresting and prosecuting key operatives.

Arguably, dark web crime is perceived to be a growing phenomenon with an increase in the rate of misuse surrounding Tor’s application. It is unfortunate that dark web infrastructures and the existence of jurisprudential loopholes have continued to frustrate police efforts to ensure sanity on all online platforms.

The Solution

Global nations continue to acknowledge that an active resolve is critical in the control of darknet crime. It is for this reason that an intersection between government and private sector has been encouraged in the establishment of a collective effort to clean the dark web mess.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In light of this effort, Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited and IntSights Cyber Intelligence Limited are rolling out an aggressive roadmap that will give dark web criminals a run for their money.

This decision is an offshoot of Fujitsu’s strategic resolution to expand its already-existing Global Managed Security Service and create a mechanism that will analyze dark web threats efficiently.

The Partnership

The Fujitsu-IntSights collaboration is considered to bear great potential in combatting the ramifications of negative dark web exposure.

The initiative, scheduled to be implemented in August 2018, will have full capability of harvesting dark web threat information for the benefit of online surveillance activities.

This scheme was presented at the Fujitsu Forum in May, which took place in Tokyo. In a presentation, Fujitsu was able to demonstrate how the proposed initiative will accord internet users with the power to monitor activities regarding their personal data.

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Advanced cyberattacks can be mitigated by vital planning on countermeasures that are determined by data concerning attackers.

IntSights is expected to develop a program that will mitigate any damage that may result from data leaks associated with the dark web.

Users will be able to flag sensitive data by matching their personal details with any stolen information that is availed on the dark web. Fujitsu will then step in to complete the data protection process whenever users flag data online.

In totality, this partnership will go a long way to actively protect online users from losing their personal information to crooks that would sell the data via darknet markets.

The framework is informed by knowledge concerning the optimal measures used in cybersecurity. Being a tall order, it is impractical for cybersecurity experts to ascertain that the information found on the dark web is only used within legal confines.

This truth has therefore influenced Fujitsu and IntSights to focus on online threats and damage mitigation in the context of cybersecurity.

Advanced cyberattacks can be mitigated by vital planning on countermeasures that are determined by data concerning attackers. Regarding this, it is important that an intelligence expert understands the intentions of a cybercriminal.

This aspect extends to a comprehension of the particular methods employed by the said attacker, and their personal attributes. Specialized knowledge is needed in the extraction of information and the analysis of attacker information to secure vulnerable networks.

Analysis: Is This Partnership Complementary in Nature?

To answer this question, it is critical to understand the individual backgrounds of these two organizations and tie them to the proposed initiative.

Fujitsu’s Ambitions

Starting with Fujitsu, this organization has been instrumental in providing data protection and security services to customers across the global divide. The organization is experienced on technologies surrounding cloud computing and applications of the blockchain.

In March, Fujitsu inaugurated an International Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels, Belgium. The center was established with the intention of creating a platform for innovative research that would be undertaken through collaborative projects.

This move was aimed at advancing the interests of blockchain applications and similar ledger technologies.

Arguably, the blockchain has become the holy grail of revolutionizing the financial industry; the same system has been the backbone of the crypto industry, with the creation of virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

Fujitsu acknowledged the possibility of involving blockchain in all sectors that demand secure audit trails.

In the words of Fujitsu Managing Director Yves de Beauregard, the organization had noted significant customer interest in the possible applications of integrating blockchain into their business processes.

In this regard, blockchain-supported transactions are secure and this establishes trust between businesses and their customers.

Furthermore, Fujitsu made a recent announcement concerning a new development in their cybersecurity portfolio. The announcement, made in May, highlighted the company’s intention to expand the Fujitsu Security Solution Global Managed Security Service that would advance its cloud security protocol and analyze dark web threats.

Before the announcement, the service had long been a reliable tool for predicting cyberattacks and restoring damaged systems. The new software will have the capacity to discover cyberattacks from anonymous sources using the principles of machine learning.

IntSights’ Track Record of “Fighting the Dark Web”

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The organization’s scope has long been traversing all online fronts—from the surface, deep and dark web. This concerns the basic aspects of cyber intelligence and risk mitigation.

IntSights Cyber Intelligence is a leading cybersecurity company and one of the fastest growing tech organizations in the world.

Founded in 2015, the Israeli startup has been reconstructing critical premises of global cybersecurity through cutting-edge innovation.

IntSights is well-respected for its pioneering role in creating innovative data mining algorithms and cyber surveillance mechanisms.

The company has been active in providing its customers with services that would streamline workflows and secure their business environments.

The organization’s scope has long been traversing all online fronts—from the surface, deep and dark web. This concerns the basic aspects of cyber intelligence and risk mitigation.

In April, IntSights unveiled the Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform, a revolutionary online defense tool that operates automatically.

The tool employs special data mining algorithms in establishing a reconnaissance mechanism that analyzes potential online threats. This starts with cyber apparatus, procedures and the digital footprints of users.

The operational qualities of this platform are entrenched in the provisions of threat intelligence.

Threat intelligence is competent to evaluating the nature of threat motives and mechanisms as a function of establishing a clear picture of cyberthreats to users. The technology is applicable in the protection of brands owned by businesses across economic spectra.

Understanding IntSights’ Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform

The IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform is built upon the foundations of four integrated modules.

The first module denotes tailored intelligence. This aspect concerns the fact that IntSights maintains strict monitoring of internet activities defined by various sources. This is usually customized to a client’s needs and is categorized accordingly.

The second module is IOC Enrichment & Management (TIP), which clusters threat material and schedules IOCs in a management mechanism that promotes quick response and therapy.

Specifically, threat feed clustering and correlation is a dynamic process that digests threat feeds to obtain IOCs that would be analyzed on a suitable dashboard.

IOC analysis is an automatic process that serves to ascertain the potency and relevance of aggregated feeds.

Third, automated remediation works to eliminate external and internal threats. Interestingly, this element can anticipate external threats and stimulate an avalanche of activities that would undermine the intruding material.

In the context of external threats, automated remediation performs the shutdown of phishing sites that have become a common scamming vehicle for dark web criminals. Automated threat remediation is also vital for the correction of risks that are associated with leaked personal data.

Lastly, this platform relies on a Threat Research & Analysis module that is used for investigating threats and their trends.

This procedure is done to understand exponential threat events and to gather specialized intelligence that would protect users and organizations.

Particularly, the module uses the element of Dark Web Trends & Investigation to study trends regarding malware and discussions occurring in darknet platforms. Through Threat Actor Monitoring, the platform surveils and interacts with online underground communities.

Conclusion: The Verdict

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The IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform is built upon the foundations of four integrated modules.

While glossing over hypotheticals, it is an undeniable fact that the Fujitsu-IntSights initiative will smoothen the moving wheels of dark web surveillance.

The technical experience borne in the two organizations, as evidenced by their aforementioned achievements, will contribute to the existing wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity.

The partnership’s approach is unique in its own right. Contrary to bombarding the dark web fraudsters that deal in stolen data, Fujitsu and IntSights are simply depreciating the value of that data.

The proactive counter response to the data link means that the resultant product becomes trivial to buyers.

In a critical perspective, it becomes clear that the success of this project will undermine the motivation for dark web masterminds to steal personal data in the first place—nobody would be interested in stealing worthless information.


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