Men Arrested For Dark Web Drug Dealing, To Stand Trial

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Three Men From Ireland To Stand Trial For Dealing Drugs Online

Kyle Hall, Stephen Rodgers, and Richard Sinclair are to stand trial in court to answer charges against them for dealing illegal drugs on dark web.

Three Irishmen are to stand trial for their roles in a drug dealing operation on the dark web.

Kyle Hall, Stephen Rodgers, and Richard Sinclair were all arrested on suspicion of dealing MDMA and other drugs on the dark web.

Authorities in Northern Ireland found diazepam tablets, marijuana, and ecstasy worth over $131,000 in separate raids on addresses in Co Londonderry, Coleraine, and East Belfast a year ago.

Police also found a number of packages containing narcotics ready to be transported.

The men face charges linked to an alleged racket involving couriers being used to deliver illicit substances in Northern Ireland.

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Richard Sinclair and Kyle Hall are facing various counts of drug trafficking including possession of narcotics with intent to supply and being in possession of criminal property.

Richard Sinclair is further accused of smuggling large quantities of ecstasy.

Stephen Rodgers is being charged with selling Class A, B and C drugs, together with converting felonious property.

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Irishmen to Stand Trial for Dark Net Drug Dealing.

Law enforcements were said to have discovered a list containing customer names, email and delivery addresses, types and quantities of drugs ordered, purchases and sales when they raided Sinclair’s bedroom.

Thousands of pounds were also recovered as part of the investigation.

The three Irishmen are said to have committed these crimes between January 2014 and August 2015.

At the previous hearing, it was alleged that the men bought and sold drugs on the dark web using the post for shipment, and using bitcoin for accepting payments.

Previously, it was claimed that Sinclair was the mastermind of the entire operation. According to the authority, Richard Sinclair was a gambling addict.

His defense counsel said that the gambling problem could be the cause of the whole operation.

According to him, Sinclair has begun dealing drugs on the dark web to cover the debts he had before.

During the preliminary hearing, defense attorneys agreed with the state prosecutor that each of the three suspects has a case to answer.

The three men did not give any evidence, or call any witnesses at this early stage of the case.

District Judge Alan White granted a prosecution request to have the accused returned for trial at Belfast Magistrates’ Court.

After releasing the three men on bail, Judge Alan White told them: “You will be informed of a date for your arraignment, turn up on the date.”

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