Officials Discuss Darknet Crime at Interpol General Assembly in Dubai

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Interpol General Assembly in Dubai sheds light on modern issues facing international law enforcement and their handling of crime on the dark web.

The advancement of information and communication technologies has affected the nature of today’s digital age and presented a plethora of ramifications.

The rapid evolution of information systems has driven platforms and tech institutions to try to adapt to modern ecosystems.

Consequentially, the criminal uses of such technology has presented itself clearly.

Dark web fields have flourished and paved the way for the creation of drug trafficking channels that never existed before.

It is for this reason that global law enforcement agencies have stepped in to restore law and order within online spaces.

This has translated to a need to upgrade their knowledge bases and tailor interventions to a whole new reality.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Hence, Interpol convened its 87th General Assembly to bring together experts from different parts of the world, including 85 police heads and 40 government ministers in Dubai, UAE.

A Timely Relevance

The aim of this event was to enable Interpol’s 192 member countries to join efforts in tackling international crime.

Central to the discussions was a call to examine the place of innovation in policing and the currently existing crime threats in a global perspective.

Additionally, the discussions targeted issues surrounding the culture of policing and the inclusion of data-smart practices in ensuring secure borders.

The Dark Web as a Conduit for Terrorism

Participants to the event acknowledged the place of darknet channels in fueling international terrorism.

It was found that darknet platforms have continued offering ample environments for terrorist groups to thrive.

This aspect was blamed on the fact that the dark web ecosystem guarantees the anonymity of users who may be operating criminal enterprises.

In context, Interpol’s chief remarked that the dark web has allowed the orchestration of terrorist attacks by simple means.

This dangerously new dimension of international crime adds to the wealth of complications that seem to challenge law enforcement infrastructures every day.

Acts of crime, including assassination missions, gun and drug sales, the spread of radicalization materials and money laundering are all some of the activities propagated by the dark web.

To reiterate, Jeurgen Stock, Interpol’s secretary general, commented on the sophistication of modern cybercrime.

Cyber Terrorsim.
Dark web fields have flourished and paved the way for the creation of drug trafficking channels that never existed before.

In his words, the underground economy, along with the dark web, have created an opportunity for drug buyers to acquire banned substances “by the click of a button.”

This reality has presented significant obstacles in the course of international law enforcement.

Furthermore, in modern times, the organization of terrorist groups has become a very easy task.

However, the German law enforcement head shed light on the need for police units to flow with the current—to embrace technology and innovation as proper tools applicable in the fight against transboundary crime.

Notable Hotspots

The Dubai event held discussions about some key hotspots in international crime. Particularly, the Gulf was identified as a one of the most preferred locations by criminal masterminds, due to its advanced economic status.

Johan Obdola, president of the International Organization for Security and Intelligence, illuminated the severity of cyber threats within the context of countries falling under the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

He said that Saudi Arabia, being a good example, has started witnessing some degree in proliferation of underground criminal units, especially within fields of money laundering and the drug trade.

According to Obdola, this observation can be inferenced by a high level of existing technology advancement, luxury and endless opportunities for business growth and development.

Economic success translates to a corresponding advancement in criminal operations witnessed in the region.

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