Hitman Site On The Dark Web, A Scam

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Murderer or killer holds pistol with silencer in hands at night.The hitman marketplace Besa Mafia, a user-friendly and slick website, burst into dark web earlier this year.

Silk Road, the first darknet market to offer illegal items, was focused on drugs and had drawn the line at weapons and hitmen.

Besa Mafia, on the other hand, offered different kinds of violence in exchange for bitcoins, including arson, acid attacks, beatings and even murder, to pick up extra business.

However, a hacker has successfully exposed the Besa Mafia scam even though it had put up an above-average website, as far as the dark web is concerned, with glossy stock photos.

Reportedly, the dark web hitman site became a victim of a hacker by name “bRpsd.” The hacker breached the database of the website and posted information online.

The hack came to light after Risk Based Security (RBS) reported it. In a blog post, RBS noted that breaches like this happen frequently, but they are rarely reported.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The data posted by the hacker is of serious concern because the site has a reputation of being a hitman service provider with links to the Albanian mafia.

The data dump reportedly contains user accounts, hit orders, personal messages and a folder named “victims” containing nearly 200 images.

Further, the leaked data, uploaded in three different archives, includes email addresses, usernames, hashed passwords and user IDs of more than 300 registered accounts.

The two leaked files orders.csv and msg.csv consist of 38 hit orders and as many as 2,682 personal messages exchanged between prospective customers and the administrators of the website.

Further, the admin tagged along with anyone who provided bitcoins as long as they could manage upsold on services and fleeced them as much as possible.

Getting a call that is an scam, A retro red phone with yellow sticky note on a desk with text ScamA lady who wanted to get a woman killed was one of the worst hit. She wanted the hit to look like an accident. In about two months’ time, she transferred 29 bitcoins in three installments, 15, 10 and 4, respectively.

However, Besa Mafia gave excuse after excuse as to why the murder could not be completed.

One person by name Hero from India who wanted a person responsible for his sister’s death to be killed was a little cautious as the three hitmen he tried to hire ran away with his money.

Ultimately, Hero got scammed once again. He transferred the money and also gave his phone number, which is available in the logs.

Many people knew the dark web hitman site was a sham, but they still paid up money for hitman service.

Thousands of emails available in the leaked data indicated that people continued to believe that their request will be fulfilled.

However, Besa’s admin came up with ingenious excuses and posted prolific replies to customers.

Further, the leaked data reveals that the dark web site is set up for the purpose of catching criminals or the public who want someone else murdered.

This is because one correspondence appears to be between one of Besa Mafia admin and an FBI agent. It states that the website is a honeypot-style operation.

The message also states that they don’t have any hitmen, and they just forward the orders they receive to the police departments close to the targets’ location.

Further, most of the emails exchanged with the law enforcement contain details about the victim and the person ordering their service.

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