TV Show Tries To Buy Gun From Dark Web, Lost $800 In Bitcoin

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If your perception about the dark web is that it is the place for shopping stuff like pistols, rifles and other weapons and it is easy to do that, then you may have been mistaken.

Recently, crew members of a TV channel found out for themselves that buying weapons is not as easy as it appears to be.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Deep Dot Web reported that producers from ARD, a German TV channel, lost bitcoins worth as much as $800 when they tried to purchase an AK-47 assault rifle from a marketplace operating on the dark web.

The German channel was producing a show titled “Fear of Terror – How Endangered Is Germany?” The aim of the show was to present about terrorism, uncertainty and perils posed by the darknet markets.

The production team wanted to scare the viewers by creating a feeling of unfocused dread as the show included testimony from one of the survivors of the terror attack in Paris in November last year and a consultant who highlights the lax security measures in one of the shopping centers in Berlin.

On the other hand, security experts stated that it is not 100 percent sure that Germany is insulated against a terrorist attack.

In this respect, the show made an attempt to present the dark web in a bad light and demonize the hidden service Tor and cryptocurrency bitcoin.

In the show, Reinhold Beckmann, the host, designates a person to purchase the famous machine gun Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK).

The producers took a great deal of effort in bringing the chief of Bundeskriminalamt, the German Federal Criminal Police Department, to the show.

He even said that it is possible to obtain weapons from the illegal marketplaces operating on the dark web.

It seemed as though he was the person who gave Beckmann the idea for the digital investigative journalism experiment.

However, the host’s effort to procure an AK-47 from a marketplace in the dark web drew flak.

Nothing was delivered to Beckmann either because the seller was not a legitimate operator or the package was intercepted.

This is not surprising at all.

This is because gun trade in the dark web is full of scammers.

If the host had done some research, he would have known those weapon dealers are mostly scammers, especially when it comes to trading outside known marketplaces and offering assault rifles at low prices.

Further, it is not known as to which darknet market the team placed the order.

He might even have fallen for the Armory, a known scam weapon shop.

LawMoreover, law enforcement agents who operate under cover sell weapons at times to get the identity of potential customers.

All said and done; guns are sold online successfully at times.

Reports show that a person who procured disabled weapons tweaked them and made them fire ammunition once again.

Spiegel investigation has reportedly identified a shop in Slovakia that supplies blank firing guns, which are converted into lethal weapons.

Some of these guns have been found to be used in the terror attacks in Europe.

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  1. Anyone who has to descend to buying modified blank or disabled guns to conduct a terror attack are clearly on the fringes of the terror community – about on a par with the nutcases in the US that the FBI spend thousands on to convert into “terrorists”.

    Decent firearms may be hard to come by in Europe due to restrictive laws compared to the US, but I’ve never heard of any terrorist group lacking for same. There are tons of black market arms dealers in Europe, the Med, and especially in the Middle East and Central Asia who can get you anything you want.

    As the US will no doubt shortly find out, when you ban guns you create a huge black market which is very efficient at supplying them, just like drugs, pirated goods and a lot of other things. I’m surprised the Dark Web isn’t used more often for that purpose. I suppose the problem is delivery, as guns are considerably bigger and heavier than a few ounces of heroin or cocaine or weed. They are also metal and show up in mail and package scans.

    Still, you’d think one could at least place orders on the Dark Web, put the money in escrow and then take delivery via other means. Maybe the existing arms suppliers are still stuck in the “bricks and mortar” age. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Guns, explosives, poisons, and that sort of destructive stuff are high priority to the FBI. Virtually any order they intercept is followed through to an arrest. It happens so many times in the USA that it isn’t even newsworthy anymore. So those who know don’t risk it, and those who don’t end up in the can!


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