Fake Diplomas Are Being Sold on the Dark Web

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ransomware breaking into secured computers to compromise the security and safety of users.

Admittedly, the internet is a scary place. We have seen ransomware merchants breaking into secured computers to compromise the security and safety of users. We have also seen hackers getting unauthorized access to personal email addresses to steal sensitive information.

Perhaps the most shocking are the supply of fake employment certificates and diplomas on the dark web. Cyber-criminals are asking for a few bucks in exchange for these diplomas, and the market for these false certifications is booming.

What has necessitated the supply of fake diplomas?

For most students, spending four years in college is extremely tiresome and expensive. A degree can cost an average of $80,000. Moreover, you can spend the entire four years in college, but you may never get the grades you want.

As a result, dark web vendors have decided to create fake certifications to attract the lazy students who want to take shortcuts and get employed as soon as possible. Research says that a fake diploma costs as low as $200.

According to Sixgill (an Israel-based threat intelligence firm), some individuals are even hiring hackers to penetrate the computer systems of various universities to change grades.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Or worse, the intelligence firm identified a dark web vendor selling a comprehensive guide on how to hack the grading systems of different universities for a price that is not worth mentioning; $15.

Further, the firm noted that some online vendors are selling accreditations and fake certificates that can be mistaken for their legitimate counterparts.

How are these dark web crooks being paid? The answer is almost obvious; the diplomas and certificates are priced in Bitcoin, and it is more likely that the cybercriminals may start using Monero soon to avoid being traced.

Sixgill noted that a dark web vendor is selling fake London Metropolitan University diploma, and they are not shy to boast about the quality of the papers they offer.

They claim that the certificates on offer are of an identical size to those provided by legit universities.

Moreover, the vendors promise you that you can use these papers in places where thorough cursory checks are not done without causing any suspicion.

While most dark web vendors sell fake degrees from ordinary universities such as Middlesex University, there are those who supply fake degrees from prestigious universities like Cambridge and Oxford University. Interestingly, most of these dark web operations are actually sophisticated.

Is it a wise idea to buy a fake degree?

Fake diplomas

This depends on what you are using them for. If you want to use them for something like a job with the police or somewhere where they will actually check up on the document then you will do yourself more harm than good. If it is a government agency then they can then charge you with fraud among other things.

If it is juts for a simple job application at a small employer where they probably won’t check up then it might be ok. But be warned, if they do check it then you could again be in big shit.

You also need to walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk. It is useless if you produce a document saying you are a doctor if you are not, you will kill someone in no time.  Just don’t be a dick head about it.

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