The Evolution of the Dark Web with Bitcoin

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The dark web’s greatest catalyst has been the introduction of Bitcoin, ultimately resulting in the growth of darknet marketplaces.

The one thing that has revolutionized the business and growth of the dark web the most is the use of Bitcoin, of which there is only a fixed amount.

This is why the value of Bitcoin has increased hundreds of times over since it first became available.

If I had invested a thousand dollars in Bitcoins when I first started surfing the dark web, I would have been able to purchase around 333 Bitcoins.

If those Bitcoin were still held today, I would have roughly $350,000 USD from my initial investment.

Those who did this have gained profits in the millions with their early Bitcoin investments.

It has been a few years since Silk Road Founder, Dread Pirate Roberts, got taken down by law enforcement and is now doing serious time in prison.

Your TOR usage is being watched

He was given a life sentence.

They still can’t get their hands on most of his Bitcoin, and that is due to there being no central authority for the currency and the inherent anonymity of owning Bitcoin.

It’s possible to mask your identity with great success and even when they know who you are, it’s another task entirely to find out where your Bitcoin is.

Until Dread Pirate Roberts, Ross Ulbricht, went down in May 2013, Silk Road was the primary e-commerce platform on the dark web.

Today there are around 40 different marketplaces that are active – the whole scene has exploded.

Those selling marijuana at physical shops and those selling it on the dark web are in a boom season.

Paralleling this is the legalization of marijuana, withat least 20 states in the US having now legalized medical marijuana.

By the end of 2017 as many as 17 more states may legalize the use and possession of it up to a certain amount.

It is a tidal wave of change, and the genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

How is this going to affect the sale of marijuana on the dark web? That is impossible to say, but what can be said is that the dark web marketplaces are booming.

It can also be said that the sale of marijuana in physical marijuana shops is booming as well.

The population is exploding, and they are becoming increasingly more web savvy.

New generations are turning more and more toward chemical comestibles and moving away from alcohol, just as vaping is affecting tobacco consumption across the board.

The world is changing at such a rate that no one can possibly stay up with it or predict where it is headed and what may happen.

That said, we do know law enforcement is swamped as far as the dark web goes and the sophistication employed in ordering illegal chemicals, the stealth packaging, the ever increasing complexity of coding, as well as the use of PGP encryption is a nightmare for law enforcement targeting the dark web.

Furthermore, we can view the financing of terror groups around the globe by western governments, engaged in the destruction of Libya, Syria, and many other middle eastern countries.

Then there is the migrant exodus across Europe that is being promoted and financed by George Soros and the majority of European governments at the expense of the people.They are put into place to serve, and the question is often asked “who is really evil here?” The current state of global affairs is far more destructive than the spread of drug use through the dark web.

It’s a known fact that far more people die from alcohol, tobacco, and use of prescription medications every year than have died from illegal drug use.

The difference in numbers of death is astounding.

What we are dealing with is hypocrisy on an epidemic scale.

The very powerful pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco industries are at the forefront in suppressing the use of compounds that are a great deal less harmful than what they produce.

The world is changing, and that change is certainly influenced by the tastes of the different generations as they come and go.

People would just much rather be high than drunk.

People are switching to vaping from regular tobacco use in droves.

And as for legal pharmaceuticals, all you have to do is pay attention to the terrible side effects of every new item that appears – watch any contemporary commercial and listen to the long list of potential side effects.

Commerce is one of the key forces that drive history.

Visit any state that has legalized marijuana and observe the cash registers ring.

Both those selling marijuana at physical shops and those selling it on the dark web are in a boom season.

Not everyone lives in a state where they can get marijuana, and not everyone is in a position to travel to those states or wants to deal with the hassle of bringing it back to where they live.

Marijuana sales are going to rocket from both types of vendors in coming years, and it may very well end up being legalized in just about every American state sooner rather than later.

Whatever may be the case, the dark web is expanding exponentially.

As has been stated, there are now around 40 different marketplaces operating on the dark web, and all users need is the common sense to use The Tor Network and use PGP encryption.

Marijuana is just one item.

There are dozens more that are available on the dark web, so both the legal sale of marijuana and the accessibility to everything under the sun at dark web sites is going to flourish.

People are scrambling over each other to get a license to grow medical marijuana.

The cat is out of the bag, and it appears to be a pride of lions.

Les Visible

Les Visible

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice that you’re expanding. Good piece of info, here. Those who refuse to wake up to the pharma abuse are all Darwin Award contenders. Maybe this is a good thing?

  2. Anonymous

    pierre said. I wish it might be so, but oh contrarian here says.
    1/ they made it illegal to have the old pgp and it got replaced with a government approved standard.
    2. quantum computers (shors algorithm for encryption that relies on the difficulty of getting an nth root from a big number) makes it easy if it has been done.
    3. now in Australia there is a mandatory 2 year storage at ISP level of metadata.. so they link all these up around the world and can see who is doing what where. supercomputers and AI to make the connections.
    4. the missing link is computers and even electricity when we get to mad max territory. back to barter, my friends.
    5. evil things can be done through hidden means (any tool put to use of good or evil)
    6. back door hacks into all computers, routers, modems, phones…back to Israelhell for analysis at the technion instistute of Talmudic typists.
    7. man in middle attacks for VPN keys at ISP level
    8. owning most of the TOR exit nodes and not a few of the evil sites in the past as honeypots (the masonic way)
    9. government approved licenced and regulated SOROS GMO weed, and a drop out culture cue Skyhooks Whatever happened to the revolution, we all got stoned and it drifted away (or as someone said alternatively , didnt get stoned enough). Canada mooted for a wopping 30 grams (2 ounces) and 4 plants. every plant must get trimmed down to the grass roots for that. else you still go to jail for your freedoms. how does it feel? like an unstoned stone.
    10. nano stuff watching everything with 13G network (what do we think all those cell phone towers are for with 350kw power for 50w antennas?).
    most of my technical info from Jim Stone at *****
    most of my ineffable info from your good self.
    still, on your side in the dream world and we can only wish. as the old cigarettes adverts went, when you wish upon a tar makes you wish there’s no cancar. (which weed never caused)


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