Essex Community to Organize Dark Web Awareness Event for Parents

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The community of Tendring in Essex, England has taken a proactive measure to expose local parents to the anonymous world of the dark web.

In response to the recent influx of U.K. youth conducting their activities on the dark web, the town of Tendring in Essex, England has taken a proactive measure to expose parents in the community to the anonymous world.

According to a recent statistics, the dark web has found popularity among college students in England due to reasons personal to them.

The most known reasons are due to how easy it is to access without any fear of being busted, and how profitable it is to do business behind the veil of anonymity.

This is why Tendring’s public safety officials have decided to hold an event, slated for late-July, to inform parents about the ins and outs of the dark web, and what precautions they can take to ensure their children’s safety.

The initiative is being formed in timing with the U.K. government’s recently announced crackdown on darknet crime.

In next year’s budget, the government is allocating £9 million in funding to law enforcement to pursue this objective. A portion of the funds is also being earmarked to advance the government’s Cyber Aware campaign, meant to spread awareness on the dark web to communities throughout the U.K.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Details of the Event

The use of the dark web for illegal activities has been observed from a different angle as parents often lack the information and awareness needed to ensure the online safety of their children.

This influenced the decision of the Tendring Community Safety Partnership to organize this event. The motive is to provide up-to-date information and a general overview of the dark web.

According to the gathered information, the Tendring Community Safety Partnership event does not seek to paint the dark web as entirely evil to its participants, neither does it intend to urge parents to discourage children from using it.

However, it seeks to expose parents to some facts, figures, and information on the dark web. The information will focus on some popular apps and tackle how to ensure that children use these apps safely.

The dark web was not created with the motive of helping criminals to operate just as some people have been made to believe. It offers a lot of positive services as well.

Even though dark web awareness is important for all parents, this particular event has a targeted audience.

It calls on parents who have children in school from year one to year nine. According to a report, it was supposed to be held in March of this year, but it had to be postponed due to a heavy downpour of snow. It is therefore expected to be held on July 24.

Darknet Awareness in England and the World at Large

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In response to the recent influx of U.K. youth conducting their activities on the dark web, the town of Tendring in Essex, England has taken a proactive measure to expose parents in the community to the anonymous world.

This is not the first ever program to be organized about dark web awareness.

There have been previous events organized to ensure that parents are informed about online threats.

There has been an accelerated rise in dark web usage after the shut down of the Silk Road darknet marketplace in 2013. In view of this, the use of the dark web for illegal activities has risen as well.

Research has confirmed the uptick in drug use among teenagers. This has raised a serious concern considering the rising cases of students using the dark web to purchase dangerous drugs.

In a recent report, the use of the dark web by college students has risen as well, showing a sign of danger.

Reports have also found that the use of Xanax pills obtained from the dark web is on the rise among younger populations in England.

In these cases, the teenagers resort to the dark web to purchase these anti-anxiety drugs under the assumption that the dark web is a place where illegal goods are purchased without a trace.

These statistics have rightly influenced the introduction of dark web awareness programs—including the upcoming Tendring Community Safety Partnership event—to ensure that parents convey the right information to their children.



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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah I see what they are trying to do but by doing this they are also promoting it. So many have never heard of it so now the deep web has more customers. That’s the reason it has already exploded.

  2. Anonymous

    Are you guys 100% sure about this??? The villiage of tendring (if you’re really lucky) only has a few hundred residents. Or are you talking about Tendring District? A vastly different sized area.
    You know, I am actually tempted to visit this so called event just to see what crap and lies get thrown around. After all, I am over half a century old now and have heard plenty of this “right information” about life, who to look up to, who to aspire to be like and what’s bad for you almost my whole life. But the temptation to open my mouth and thereby drop myself well and truly in the smelly stuff will be too great if its just another load of BS issued by some form of govt. Albeit at a much more local level than central govt, for me. Although it would be interesting to see just how many people turn up to the event. No doubt in an area of just over 143,000 people (Tendring district figure for 2016), it will be heralded as a huge success and a “parents march against the darknet” campaign if only a hundred or so turn up. Let alone how they actually “feel” about the info they will be given.


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