Spanish Cyberthreat Intelligence Firm Rolls out New Darknet Search Tool

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A Barcelona-based cyber intelligence firm is now offering a darknet search tool to its clients.

Cybercrime is one of the spine-chilling challenges enterprises are facing nowadays. We have heard now and then that a company’s emails have been hacked or that their intranet systems have interfered.

It’s therefore not a surprise to find a company hiring a group of experts to help them monitor and protect their systems from intruders.

These experts, having been entrusted with this sensitive matter, need to be up-to-date regarding cybersecurity issues.

The reason being, the cybercriminals are also working tirelessly to come up with new tactics and techniques that will enable them to infiltrate into the systems of their desired parties.

This is why Blueliv, a cybersecurity firm based in Spain, has recently enhanced its cyberthreat inquiry platform to meet these new needs among enterprise companies.

Blueliv provides infiltration agility and breaks down information for organizations, service suppliers and security merchants.

Your TOR usage is being watched

One of its objectives is to scour the open and closed deep web and dark web in order to deliver up-to-date threat intelligence that is automated and actionable to organizations. This goes a long way in helping protect their networks from the outside.

Updates to Blueliv’s Platform

The company recently announced that it had modernized its systems by improving its modular “Threat Compass” solution.

The improvements were mainly driven by the fact that the newly invented threat context would help the security departments enhance their production capacity with contextualized risk indicator information.

This will assist in elevating incident response, forensics after the threat and alarm-teaming events.

On top of that, security teams that research the dark web can now enjoy their searches as if they were on the open Internet without the fear that comes as a result of the risks come with searching that particular website.

Enterprise security departments can now quickly detect, respond and react to cyberthreats in a short period.

However, a combination of scarce resources and overcomplicated tools have often limited the capacity of the security teams to manage cyber risks effectively.

Blueliv’s Threat Compass intelligence modules are making the cybersecurity processes simple and accelerating them at the business level. They are doing this by effectively providing deep protection from the within and the outside.

These two modules are in line with Blueliv’s approach to the protection of enterprises from cybercrime, protecting entities with actionable, automated cyberthreat intelligence delivered through its Threat Compass platform.

Created with strong protection posture in mind, the new Threat Context provides security teams with continuously updated information surrounding threat causers, tools, IOCs, signatures, trend patterns and CVEs.

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Enterprise security departments can now quickly detect, respond and react to cyberthreats in a short period.

The analysts can swiftly gather contextualized, enriched data that inflates the cybersecurity mechanisms before, during and after any possible attack.

Before an attack process facilitates in the analysis of the actors and campaigns that affect one’s enterprise or sector; provides factual data and intelligence so the responsible departments can set out attack simulations that are highly realistic.

In the event of an attack, the process offers qualified information that helps in orchestration systems which prioritize IOCs that are relevant.

It also speeds up triage processes and incident response whenever needed. Finally. After an attack procedure provides required information that can help during investigations, reporting and forensics.

The updates to the darknet module have come in handy as they have shone a light into essential areas of the internet which previously have been inaccessible.

Free, secure and strengthened visibility of the open and closed forums in the deep web, darknet and marketplaces mean that teams can now understand occurrences that have the ability affect their companies or firms more deeply.

On top of that, a newly integrated search function is enhancing the analysis capabilities hence offering access to more than 700 million sources in the deep web and the dark web.

Information categorization and keyword searches offer accurate results. This is usually received from networks like I2P, Freenet, Tor and from many forums.

The search functions can also check for updates in the indexed sources. This comparison function is helpful as it enables content tracking that is critical in identifying threats accurately and giving them the required attention.

Why Businesses Should Prioritize Cybersecurity

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In addition to these essential components, a company needs to employ cybersecurity professionals who have exceptional skills and experience in the cybersecurity sector.

Cyber attacks can cause irreparable catastrophic damages to one’s business. Therefore, security needs to be treated as an essential component and hence should be on top of an entity’s list of priorities.

A company’s data is the most vulnerable, yet it is one of the most valuable assets. For this reason, it’s essential that companies use the proper and reliable procedures to deter security vulnerabilities.

First, a company needs to apply a process that is built to deal with a batch of operating systems and devices.

Having done this, then the business is assured that it is on the right track towards securing itself. However, it can go above and beyond with a centralized procedure which uses automation to cut down on the cost of business operations as a whole.

In addition to these essential components, a company needs to employ cybersecurity professionals who have exceptional skills and experience in the cybersecurity sector.

This will allow the business to remain ahead of cybersecurity threats.

It’s common knowledge that hackers are continuously committed to developing their capabilities. Hence it is critical that an enterprise takes all the necessary preventive measures that will protect its business data and information from a potential infiltration.



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