Darknet Arms Vendor Sentenced to 5 Years and 6 Months

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Man Sentenced To Prison For Selling Weapons On Dark Net

Christian L., known by the username Dosensuppe in darknet circles, was sentenced to serve a term of five and a half years in jail for illegal firearms dealing through darknet markets.

According to the judge who is presiding over the case, the weapons sold by Christian L. would be enough for equipping a small army.

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In addition, the judge noted that though the man who allegedly carried out the Munich shooting had bought the gun on the darknet market, Christian L. was not in any way connected to that incident.

However, it is a known fact that Dosensuppe had provided weapons to some criminals.

Dosensupppe has so far serviced many criminals.

He sold a sub-machine gun to a 21-year-old British national who wanted the weapon for committing a murder, a Russian AK-47 to a man who posed in front of the Islamist flag, and a gun to one right-wing radical who was previously involved in a bomb attack.

During the court hearing, Dosensuppe said that the Munich shootings made him realize that he had chosen a dangerous path of selling guns through darknet markets and how irresponsible his deeds were.

He also said that he would stay away from darknet and weapons for the remaining part of his life in this world.

On their part, the investigators were successful in proving the fact that Christian L. had sold as many as twelve guns and six military weapons though the prosecutors had earlier on claimed that Dosensuppe might have sold about 65 guns illegally through the darknet markets.

The judge noted that undoubtedly Christian L. had been selling firearms illegally through the darknet markets, and the number of weapons sold by him so far would be sufficient to cater to the needs of a small army.

Though he was a certified optician, Christian L. was not employed anywhere.

However, he was known to be one of the biggest gun suppliers in Europe.

He took great pride in his ability to provide anyone with any weapons in a matter of just 14 days.

In 2014, customs officials stationed at Cologne airport happened to intercept one of the incoming packages of Christian L., and this led to the busting of his operations on the darknet.

The package contained three barrels that were hidden inside a speaker.

Last October, he was arrested and served with a sentence of five years and six months in prison.

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A man known as Dosensuppe selling firearms illegally through the darknet markets.

The judge pointed out that it was difficult for the officials investigating the case to decrypt a few of the communications exchanged over the darknet in connection with the sale of guns because of the severity of the encryption employed to maintain high levels of anonymity.

This necessitated the assistance of the accused in dealing with the case.

In November last year, a 20-year-old German, (who operated a multi-million-euro drug business on the darknet from his bedroom, was arrested and convicted.

A few weeks later, a 34-year-old German, suspected of selling weapons to Paris attackers, was arrested for illegal arms dealings.

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