Dark Web Vendors Fueling Cyber Crime by Selling Tutorials

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Dark web vendors created a step by step tutorial that fuels cyber crimes

In a bid to maximize profits, dark web vendors have created tutorials that fuel cyber crime, in the sense that users who are new to the dark web can access these tutorials to make a killing out of a particular platform.

For example, users who intend to cash out through credit cards will find a complete guide of where to purchase credit cards, as well as the methods used to siphon them.

The fact that these tutorials are easily available to any user has the effect of encouraging more to engage in crime.

Also, it has the potential of making the business more profitable as more individuals will try to make as much money as possible.

The vendors will thus employ research methods through trial and error to come up with new lists of platforms that they deem fit for manipulation, thus siphoning innocent individuals of their funds.

The tutorials are pretty cheap, ranging from as little as $10 USD to $30 USD.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Some vendors will offer free tutorials provided that an individual makes a purchase from them. For one to make a purchase, it will depend on the dark market site.

For example AlphaBay, the world’s largest and leading dark web market, has three payment options, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, whereas others just have one (Bitcoin).

The rule is simple: whenever you’re making a purchase, you only buy the preferred cryptocurrency which in most cases is Bitcoin.
The avenues to order the coins will vary based on location, currency accepted, mode of payment and, last but not least, the number of Bitcoins needed as several exchange platforms have limits.

After the purchase of the cryptocurrency, one then deposits it into their account in the darknet market. Of course, all marketplaces in the dark web have different modes of operation.

In the case for AlphaBay, where most of these vendors operate, you will simply have a Bitcoin address generated by the site where you will send the coins.

The coins will then appear on your account after about 45 minutes. The said time is required for the confirmation to take place.

After the deposit, the person then goes through quite an enormous list as the vendors are plenty. The only difference is that their tutorials for cashing out vary, since there are hundreds if not thousands of available options that are easily exploitable.

As previously mentioned, the tutorials offered are very many and if an individual does not know their objectives, they will just end up more confused.

So it is highly recommended that in the event you need to make a purchase, your goals should be clear in a sense that you know what you intend to achieve.

The reason for this is because by buying the tutorials carelessly, you will just make the vendors earn more money since you will not put them to use as a result of confusion.

In the actual sense, no single individual will have the time to buy, for example, five guidelines simultaneously and put them to use.

a man wearing a balaclava and holding a credit card while sat behind a laptop
“Your experience in carding is what matters.” When buying the tutorials and cards, the vendors do not care what your intentions are.

Then, the process might be costly because, for instance, the mode might not yield the expected results.

The reason for this is obvious; one will spend money on the acquisition of credit cards. And as it is, no vendor on the dark web can tell the exact amount of cash available on a card.

When you try to ask, the only response you will get is, “Some pay more, whereas other pays less.” The good thing is that some of these vendors have a refund policy; the sad part is that the majority of them will not care whether the cards have funds or not.

Once they sell them to you, it is up to the individual to sort themselves. So, it is therefore important to check reviews before purchasing a tutorial, as well as a card for that matter.

In the event you try and fail, the response you will get from a vendor who, for example, sold you a card is, “Your experience in carding is what matters.” When buying the tutorials and cards, the vendors do not care what your intentions are.

To them, as long as you pay for the services offered then they are good. Whether you end up successful or not, it’s the least of their concern.

In a recent survey of tutorials, some of them have a complete and comprehensive list of card-able sites.

The sites range from money transfer platforms such as Neteller, PayPal, Webmoney, Moneybookers (Skrill) to betting sites, hotels, real estate agencies, etc.

The list is quite extensive and can fill tens of pages. The vendors further state in-depth how each site works and how to card from them.

In one particular instance, a vendor (name withheld) offers so much information that he even tells the strict sites from the ones that don’t bother much.

He also states the sites that require selfies, identification documents and the ones that verify through phone calls.

In the same tutorial, at one point he mentions that some websites such as Apple require verification documents for purchases above a certain limit.

In the same tutorial, he gives tips how to card from money transfer platforms by mentioning the sites that are IP-sensitive.

For example, he advises that if one is using a money transfer platform, the name on the card should match the account.

Therefore, upon purchasing a card whether Visa, Master, Maestro, etc., the person should create an account with the money platform they intend to use, and they should have the same names.

Similarly, the location should match that of the user as the platform might reject the card if locations do not match. For example, if one is in Africa and the card is from the United States, then the process is bound to fail in most cases depending on the site.

Other vendors offer similar services. But the only difference is that they are not as diversified as in the case above. They choose to formulate guidelines on one area which they are familiar of and leave out the other.

But of course, this boils down to the level of experience which could vary with the number of years one has done business.

In short, the issue of these vendors offering guidelines to innocent people at a cheap rate is causing more havoc by turning these individuals into cyber criminals.

One does not have to possess hacking skills to be able to steal funds online.

Following through a set of instructions is enough to turn anyone into a criminal in a matter of days. And this is what is happening on the ground.



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