Can You Buy Things From The Dark Web That Are Legal?

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Many are confused on why you would want to buy something from the dark web, even if it is legal

The dark web was made for selling illegal goods on the internet.

But just because it was made for illegal purposes does not mean that it can be used to buy things legally.

When you hear the word “dark web,” you often associate it with crime and drugs.
But some places on the dark web can become an Amazon for the network.

You may possibly be confused on why you would want to buy something from the dark web, even if it is legal.

Why do that when it sounds sketchy and you could use a site like Amazon to buy goods from?

The answer to that is really for personal preference. Some people just like being on the dark web and would rather buy from there.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Other people might not be in a position to use conventional e-commerce sites in their country.

In many cases, countries do not allow citizens to go on certain websites. But with Tor, you won’t be blocked and this leads many to buy on there.

But most people reading this article live in a country where websites aren’t blocked and where you can access online stores.

Prices matter, period. So when people find out that another place has the same thing for less, they will go flocking there.

On the dark web, you can’t find illegal goods in your usual market so people use it to buy no matter what, because there is not many places to go buy from.
Websites like Alphabay, a huge marketplace on the dark web, have some things you can buy that are not illegal.

Most of these products are Pornhub Premium memberships and things like that, along with gift cards and electronics—which are not just on Alphabay.

It begs the question of whether or not the products are obtained legally. But the product is legal and that is the second most important thing that matters to a consumer after price.

Most likely, most of the products are obtained illegally and it shows in the pricing.

Prices of items are usually way below the actual retail value. Vendors make a lot of profit by buying stolen credit cards and using them to buy gift cards.

I have heard of a funny case of a product someone bought from the dark web which was legal at the time.

But the next day, the Feds came crashing through the person’s door. They did this because they say that the purchase came from an illegal website.

But the product was legal.

Security on dark web marketplaces is already a complex issue.

There are so many trust issues that go around, people are afraid if someone is going to be rated out. This also can be a problem with legal products.

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Most of the products are obtained illegally and it shows in the pricing

Buyers will be worried about if the product is legal. They know it is, but they can’t really trust sellers like they can on mainstream online stores.

I have in a few cases bought things from Alphabay which were legal. The story goes that I was looking for gift cards for a birthday present.

I was particularly looking for Amazon gift cards. I wanted a $25 gift card to give to someone, but I did not have the exact $25.

So I did what anyone one would do, I looked online. All of this happened over the course of a couple of years ago.

I was looking online for ways to get cheap or free gift cards. I found ways to get them for free, but they involved doing something illegal.

With this in mind, I still scoured the internet in search of an answer. I luckily landed on a website which was a detailed explanation on how to get gift cards for cheap, legally.

It told me to go to Alphabay (which at the time I did not really use or know about).

I made an account on Alphabay and checked out the site. The guide that told me about the promise land of cheap gift cards was right in front of my eyes.

I then deposited Bitcoin into my wallet and transferred it to Alphabay. I bought the $25 Amazon gift card for $16.79.

I then was able to give that card to a friend but without having to pay full price for the gift.

In the back of my head, I was skeptical about the legality of it but I did not really care because I just got a great deal!

In conclusion, not all of the dark web’s products are illegal.

There appears to be legal things you can buy, but most people question if they are actually legal, partly due to stolen credit cards being used to purchase them.

In the long run though, nobody really cares because they’re getting cheap products.



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