Biggest Dark Web Drug Bust In Norway

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The case traces its origins from the Silk Road website on the dark web that was shut down by the FBI in 2013. This closure can be attributed to the audacity or humanly mistake of its creator, Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts, of posting his personal email address in a forum.

The alleged operator of the next version Silk Road 2.0, Blake Benthall aka Defcon, then followed the sloppiness of its original administrator by registering a server under his own name.

Your TOR usage is being watched

This was when US authorities accessed the comprehensive list of clients and sellers’ names, including a number of Norwegian operators who traded on the anonymous darknet marketplace utilized for drug trafficking.

Operators have used aliases on various other dark web online marketplaces, with pseudonyms like “Alfa&Omega,” “Kvalitetsbevisst,” and “Deeeplove” which were linked back to Silk Road usernames.

Operation Marco Polo

The Norwegian Police Service special agency, commonly known as Kripos, launched its first and largest operation against organized crime involving drugs deep in the dark web.

The nation’s National Criminal Investigation Service dubbed it Operation Marco Polo.

Norway’s VG reported that the sting resulted in the arrest of 15 people, which included 5 men who are suspected to be some of the biggest Norwegian online drug kingpins.

Through the Marco Polo operation, the police have apprehended and indicted 13 men and 2 women since 2014.

These people have traded a sizeable amount of drugs on the dark web over the internet, and have been suspected to buy drugs with the intention of dealing them to their local community.

As part of drug crime investigations, the Norwegian police have managed to uncover a marijuana plantation after some lengthy dark web monitoring.

The 150 cannabis plants in different growing stages were sitting right in the basement of a house located in the city of Skien.

Kripos has also confiscated more than 80 communications devices and amassed computers, memory sticks, and hard drives.

However, they have been of little use in police investigations with information that remains inaccessible.

The Biggest Operation’s Biggest Problem

Richard Beck Pedersen, police attorney and one of Operation Marco Polo’s leaders, told VG that the men were not distinguished beforehand by the police.

He stated how the alleged drug lords have been making use of comprehensive technological camouflage to hide them selves since 2013.

He adds how it’s the biggest problem the investigation has been constantly faced with.

Another big challenge for Kripos is following the money trail, since most transactions are conducted using bitcoins.

Similar to Silk Road which ran on the Tor network to effectively hide the site’s location and mask user identities, deals are mostly done in bitcoin on dark web marketplaces.

This digital currency and payment system is not backed by any bank or government, whereby users can transact directly and makes it difficult for law enforcement to trace.

Chief Investigator Olav Roisli told VG that it’s a challenge to overcome due to fact that the encrypted currency undergoes several stream stages that were set in place to prevent tracking the money.

It was primarily designed to not be found. He said that the dark web marketplace allows sellers to acquire a tremendous group of clients throughout Norway who do not have to come flocking to Oslo just to buy drugs, which poses proliferation of danger.

So far, it’s been revealed that the customer base is a majority of young recreational users.

It appears the police haven’t chosen yet to focus their investigation on buyers, but sure enough, they have limited access and are prohibited from entering a physical drug marketplace.

If not for dark web shops, then the youth wouldn’t have a way to get a hold of the illicit drugs.

Now, these individuals and anyone else can conveniently sit at home have the dope delivered directly to their doorstep.

Operation Marco Polo investigations conducted by the NCIS are ongoing and expected to end by summer.

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  1. Anonymous

    At some point here law enforcement will come to the realization that the war on drugs has been lost. There simply is no way to keep drugs away from those who want them. Our physical planet is alive with thousands of plants each of which has alkaloids many of which alter ones mind. It is so very easy to get on the web and find out what they are, how to grow them and harvest them. The governments would be better off concentrating on child slavery, illegal arms deals and terrorists not drugs.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    I really appreciate your reporting. While I am not currently into using the “Dark Net” for any of my businesses, when and if I decide to; I am confident that I will have the knowledge needed to avoid any sort of missteps that bring down people from the beginning of “Silk Road time” It seems that everyone knows what to and not to do. However out of laziness, not following directions, getting sloppy or greedy, is what brings everyone down. Money does strange things to peoples egos, the more you are tempted to deviate from the basics the more one needs to adhere to the basics. Money ego, and speaking to anyone about your business is the absolute downfall of masses. It is important to note what attracts some to this business model is the opportunity to go it alone. As you mentioned when someone is scared and being browbeat with the possibility of doing 20 years or more in the penitentiary, they are going to become and informant without exception. Having that knowledge should be enough for one to want to do something alone. Granted it takes more time to become proficient at whatever you business plan consists of, and educating oneself on the copious amount of security measures, increases the ramp up even more. Time extremely well spent in my humble opinion. Complete anonymity is the goal. i think one of the most difficult variables here is once you do achieve your goals or are well on your way, nobody knows how brilliant you are because you have done everything that has been suggested to the letter, however it is human nature to want to share with someone. It is virtually impossible not to disclose the nature of your revenue stream to one of your closest friends. I know this from other businesses that I have been involved with and realized some success with and PLEASE take it from someone who has made that error; don’t discuss business with anyone. There are just too many haters out there and it will be a point of contention forever. Reticence is a variable that I have not heard discussed, that and discretion in acquiring material possessions. if you are in this to win it and you have the discipline to to research how to become a success you have the intellectual prowess to determine how stay successful, how the profits are handled and when to get out and take a well earned vacation.


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