Dark Web Hacker Offers Spy Services for $50

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A Russian dark web hacker named “Abrisk” is supposedly offering tracker services for anyone anywhere for only $50.

One Russian hacker is allegedly offering services on the dark web to anyone looking for extensive tracking of an individual across the globe.

According to this hacker, he states that he can also track global flight data, and access Interpol searches and tax records.

With just the name of an individual plus his/her date of birth and possible passport information, this self-proclaimed hacker, known by the nickname “Abrisk,” claims he can supposedly also find previous travel records, not to mention sniffing out information of his target’s upcoming travel plans.

In one of the numerous Russian cybercrime forums on the dark web, Abrisk apparently stated that he is well capable of providing exclusive information related to the subsequent movement of individuals across the Russian Federation.

And, in numerous cases, he also claims to have uncovered information about individuals’ whereabouts even beyond the nation’s borders. He also says it’s possible for him to produce an exclusive list of passengers either on a car or flight.

In his statement, this hacker further boasts that he is well able to deliver all this information to his clients—surprisingly within between three and four days.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In some instances, and dependent on the type of data in question, he can even deliver the information within mere minutes.What’s even more astounding is the fact that his services cost as low as $50.

Nonetheless, this is the minimum amount to hire him for the service with other searches even mandating for $300 or more.

Reports indicate that Abrisk’s services have numerous positive reviews all from satisfied customers praising the “prompt” and “exceptional” service.

In fact, his services are so popular that just last month, he had to contend with some fraudsters impersonating him.

In retaliation, Abrisk’ consequently doxed the scammers and unmasked their privacy, exposing their chat handles and bank account information.

He even supposedly only recently started offering discounts for this particular service. This is after a client complained about an alleged price hike, claiming that other vendors on the dark web were providing similar services for as little as around $10.

The dark web hacker also supposedly claims that he can access databases across nations—mainly Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

As aforementioned, Abrisk purportedly boasts of having the capacity to carry out “international searches” through accessing Interpol’s massive database.

He also claims to be capable of offering information relating to whether or not authorities are hinting for a particular person. This is a service that could come in handy precisely for criminals in their quest to dodge or hide from law enforcement.

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Cybercriminal has several possible contacts

According to security experts, however, they believe that the only way such a cybercriminal would be in a position to access such type of sensitive data is through cooperation with corrupt government officials.

Roman Sannikov, director of Eastern European research at FlashPoint, also confirmed to the press in a statement that Abrisk also claims he can check credit histories, property records and tax records.

Sannikov firmly believes that the hacker can only guarantee such type of sensitive information since he is likely working with a corrupt insider.

FlashPoint, which Sannikov heads, assessed that according to the depth and amount of data Abrisk claims to have the ability to access, he is likely in contact with several law enforcement agencies, and more so with corrupt persons who are subsequently running checks for him.

He further added that one more service that Abrisk is supposedly able to offer is the ability to crosscheck a name of a client against red notices as listed by Interpol.

Again, according to him, this only goes to indicate that the cybercriminal has several possible contacts—operating under the mask of privacy—within the said law enforcement agencies.

Amazingly, this is not the first case where a dark web hacker has offered these types of services.

Just some time back in December 2016, a website emerged on the dark web with the goal of collecting donations to facilitate and arrange the assassination of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the President and Vice-President of the United States, respectively.

Hansa, another dark web site that was shut down this summer, offered revenge services for about $700.

The service claimed to enact revenge on clients’ neighbors, ex-employees, ex-friends, bosses, or anyone that may have done them wrong.

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