Playpen Admin Sentenced to 30 Years in Jail

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The creator and admin of Playpen, a child pornography site on the dark web, is sentenced to 30 years in prison after the FBI arrested him two years ago.

The FBI stated in a press release that a man from Florida who was running Playpen, the biggest child porn site on the dark web, has been sentenced to prison for 30 years.

The creator and the admin of Playpen was arrested in February of 2015. His home in Naples, Florida, contained thousands of pictures that depicted sexually abused children.

Your TOR usage is being watched

He was found guilty of involvement in a child exploitation business and for possessing, advertising and transporting child porn on the dark web.

Darknet Child Pornography Site

The other two co-defendants in the case pleaded guilty and they received a sentence of 20 years earlier this year for being involved in Playpen. According to David Browning, one of the defendants, Playpen contained 215,000 user accounts and had distributed about 50,000 pictures and videos related to child pornography on the dark web.

Dark Web

Steven W. Chase created Playpen on the Tor network, which internet users can use for anonymous communication and browsing.Websites that offer hidden or illegal services exist within this dark web network.

FBI Investigations

FBI notes state that Chase started the website in summer 2014. Soon after that, the FBI launched an investigation that at first did not lead to much information since Playpen was hosted on a Tor service hidden for months.

Later, the FBI got a tip from a law enforcement organization which contained Chase’s IP address.

The investigations continued and eventually the FBI issued search warrants for the site’s email accounts—all of which led them to Chase, according to FBI Special Agent Dan Alfin.

Operation Pacifier

After arresting the admin and creator of the darknet child pornography site, Playpen, the FBI partnered with the Justice Department to launch another operation, dubbed Operation Pacifier.The FBI then went after several other members of Playpen using an investigative strategy approved by the court.

Agents found several IP addresses for identifying and locating other users, eventually obtaining more than 1,000 leads in the U.S. and overseas. Following this, hundreds of people were arrested, both in and outside of the country, and prosecuted with 55 American children being rescued.

There were arrests reported in Turkey, Malaysia, Chile, Ukraine and others. Members of the enterprise who are still producing child pornography on the dark web are continuing to be prosecuted, according to Alfin.

Ongoing Campaign

written word stop child pornography on red keyboard button
Justice department to launch operation pacifier

The Playpen site has been taken down and the investigation is still ongoing as of early May 2017. Though the site has been down for more than two years, there are many others that continue to operate in similar ways and are spread on the dark web.
The campaign is ongoing, according to Alfin, and the FBI is trying to address the problem to the best of its abilities. As criminals get smarter, the FBI also adapts and tries to outsmart them in the cat-and-mouse game.

Unprecedented Case

The case arresting Chase was followed by several other investigations and it is unprecedented in its wide reach, according to FBI representatives. It presents the most successful of efforts on the FBI’s part against dark web crimes.

The case is also useful, as it has led to several other means of international cooperation in the FBI’s attempts to prosecute those indulging in child pornography and abuse all over the world.

According to Dan Alfin, the FBI was able to pull off such a successful operation due to the support from international offices and partners.

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    Thank you FBI please continue to catch them sick bastards and hang them by their necks

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    Every person who is involved in ANY for of child exploitation should be shot.

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    Every person who is involved in ANY for of child exploitation should be EXPLOITED THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    So in 2 years the FBI managed to arrest 900 people who were involved in a kiddie porn ring that was being broadcasted from the Dark Web. Oh and the FBI “freed” around 300 children who were being exploited no doubt in the most horrific of ways. So like “Eli the Computer Guy” has said and as I have ALWAYS felt the Tor browser wont protect you from shit if the political powers that be want to pull you down for doing anything of any substance. Like maybe publishing a copy of the names of the judges, district attorneys, lawyers, doctors, world politicians and leaders and other “professionals” who dabbled a bit in that child pornography ring that I would be willing to bet my life on has already been replaced.

    At any rate apparently the FBI has never even heard of the Philippines where on the public www and for the right amount of money you can log into private chat rooms where children can be made to do all sorts of strange sexual things to themselves and other children not to mention if you have a certain sadistic nature there are chat rooms where you can have children tortured for your exclusive pleasure.

    But that is all girl scout cookie kind of crimes.


    Oh that’s right! You don’t want anyone to know that both Bushes, both Clintons, Obama, Trump, The War Whore of War Horrors Linda Hudson(who just a short time ago was one of the 300 most evil incarnate cunts in Washington, DC), all of Congress, most US Governors for the last 20 years and vast members of State Assemblies and mayors and… Well the list goes on and on.

    Oh, fuck, watch the censors delete this because “they love you” and for your protection that should keep you from being assaulted by words someone has decided hurts the world more than the sticks and stones that will be used to wage…World War 4.


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