19-Year-Old Man Jailed for Importing Drugs Bought on the Dark Web

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A 19-year-old man from Alderbury has been charged with the importation of illegal drugs from the dark web platform Amora.

A teenager has recently been charged with the importation of illegal drugs through a dark web marketplace. Toby Fairall, 19 years old, confessed that he had purchased herbal cannabis through the dark web and he sought to supply the product.

Fairall hails from Avon Drive, Alderbury. Alderbury is a civil parish in Wiltshire County, England. The case was heard by the Salisbury Crown Court.

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The teenager was able to access the drugs following the research about the anonymous part of the internet. The total street value of the herbal imported by Fairall through the dark web is £5,000.

According to the chief prosecutor, Simon Edwards, law enforcement agencies acted upon information that Toby Fairall had been employing the services of Amora.

Amora is a dark web platform that facilitates the purchase of various products and services anonymously. Its public internet domain equivalent would be the giant e-commerce vendor Amazon.

Edward told Salisbury Crown Court that Toby Fairall exchanged Sterling pounds into the Bitcoin cryptocurrency – one of the main currencies used in many dark web transactions.

In a period of five months, Toby Fairall spent £14,750 in a total of 26 transactions on the dark web marketplace. The packages were sent to Fairall in three-week intervals and the teenager received his final package on January 30 last year.

Fairall confessed that he had indeed supplied the class B drug in the past but failed to make any profit from the venture. One of the packages was intercepted by the UK Border Force in December.

It contained cannabis worth £500. Following a search of Fairall’s house, authorities found £2,000 in cash. Toby Fairall received a 14-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.The teenager’s confession and cooperation likely saved him from a more severe sentence.

The total street value of the herbal imported by Fairall through the dark web.

According to the teenager’s own words, he was terrified that he had gotten involved with criminal activities through the dark web. Guy Ladenburg, a member of Fairall’s defense team, stated that the 19-year-old had changed his ways considerably in the months following his last dark web transaction. He noted that the crimes had no real ill motive in them, and were largely naive in nature.

Ladenburg also touched on the man’s youth, claiming a lack of understanding on the complete consequences of meddling in dark web platforms.

Salisbury Crown Court heard that Toby Fairall had a hearing impairment that caused problems while he was in school; he is 80% deaf in one ear and 20% deaf in the other as well. As a result of that, he was quite unsociable in school.

The teenager had since given his best shot at stopping his cannabis use. He was in active employment and was voluntarily taking drug tests. These were just some of the aspects that worked in Fairall’s favor.In addition to the prison sentence, he received a £750 fine and was ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work.

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