Dark Web & Deep Web Market List With Up & Down Daily Updated Market Status

Are you wondering how to find deep net markets? Well look no further! We have compiled a list of active hidden marketplaces available on the deep web.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to access websites on the dark web. We have a guide here https://darkwebnews.com/help-advice/access-dark-web/

Your TOR usage is being watchedYour TOR usage is being watched

Attention Dark Web News readers: It should be brought to your attention that there was a recent Tor vulnerability which leaked your REAL IP address leading back to your real location. UPDATE your Tor browser immediately.

Vulnerabilities like these are happening more often now, if you already use a good VPN then you have nothing to worry about as the VPN protects you against this as it gives you a fake IP. If you don’t use a VPN then you should start, don’t wait until it is too late.

This site is still pretty new, so please bear with us whilst we compile the list. We will be making improvements to this list over the coming weeks to include better categories, more information, user reviews and usage guides.



  • We do not in any way endorse these marketplaces, this is just a list for your reference only. If a market is listed as “Trusted”, this is because the market has a good reputation – do not take our word for it!
  • We check every listing to see if the marketplace is active and functional.
  • Do your research before using any hidden marketplace. Reddit is a good place to start:https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/
  • Remember that anonymity should be your MAIN FOCUS.
  • MUST KNOW ANONYMITY TIP: You should be treating your anonymity like your teenage daughters virginity, with the utmost attention to maximum security! This is something not to be thrown away, do everything in your power to protect it. Once it is gone, you can not get it back and it is open season.
    The FIRST thing you should do before visiting any of these darknetmarkets is get a VPN and use it along with Tor. ISP’s and Law Enforcement are tracking and logging all internet usage now so they can scan your usage and see if you are using Tor and they are assuming you are using it to access the Deep Web to buy drugs or weapons.Once you come up on their radar then you will be monitored and who wants that when you are expecting a delivery? If you use a good VPN with good encryption and keeps no logs then your ISP and LE won’t know what you are doing online and they cannot even tell that you are using Tor. When using the net for research on the Deep Web, drugs or ANY topic that is not quite straight edge then ALWAYS use a VPN. If you use a VPN they will just think you are like most other people that work for big companies that have to use a VPN when working from home (VPN’s have been used for years by people working from home while connecting to their companies servers so no one can hack their computers and steal the companies files and trade secrets).

You can find a good VPN here: https://darkwebnews.com/HideTorhttps://darkwebnews.com/HideTor

We have a darknet market comparison chart that has total number of listings. It can be searched and you can see screenshot of a market by clicking the eye icon in the last column.

If you are looking for other sites on the Deep Web that are not  Darknet Markets then click here. We have complied one of the biggest lists (THOUSANDS) of hidden .onion deep web links full with site name, categories, description and clickable links. We have even gone and tested each link and show what sites are up or dead.


Alphabay Down or Up: Down / Offline

NOTE: AlphaBay Was Seized by The Feds in July 2017. No Longer Active.

Founded by alpha02, a well known member on carding forums. He wanted to help other people sell their stuff to people from all over the world so, he opened this market place.

Silk Road 3

Silk Road 3 Down or Up: Up / Online

The name Silk Road has become synonymous with buying drugs on the internet. Older Silk Road marketplaces have been closed down and every now and then a new one with similar name pop up. That’s why you should be weary of using this marketplace. Agora and other more trusted market places are safer bets.

Dream Market

Dream Market

Dream Market Down or Up: Up / Online

Dream Market has been working since the later part of 2013. It’s regular escrow marketplace.

Empire Market

Empire Market Down or Up: Up / Online

Empire Market is a replica of the fallen AlphaBay dark web marketplace. Established in the summer of 2017, this escrow market offers 6-digit PIN and mnemonic code, PGP Encryption as well as 2FA. Even though the market is not really product-rich, it is mostly drug-related. Empire Market also has an affiliate program.

Crypto Market

Crypto Market Down or Up: Down / Offline

Crypto Market is another traditional Escrow marketplace. It’s from the same team that developed Diabolus Market / Silk Road 3

NOTE: Crypto Market Closed in 2017. No Longer Active.

Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)

Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) is a forum based market place. General opinion seems to be that it’s legit.

Hansa Market Logo


Hansa Down or Up: Down / Offline

NOTE: Hansa was seized by the Feds in July 2017. No Longer Active. – Here is the story https://darkwebnews.com/news/hansa-market-shut-dutch-authorities/

Hansa Market is the Dark Web market which boasts of its really extreme safety measures; it even goes so far as to claim that there is no possibility of anyone running away with customers’ bitcoins – neither vendors nor the site itself; so it’s basically immune to exit-scam, which is really nice to know.



Valhalla Down or Up: Dead

Valhalla (Silkkitie) was a Finnish marketplace when it started in OCtober, 2013. Now it has become international and available in English language. They offer 2FA, forced PGP, traditional escrow and multisig.

Dr. D's

Dr. D’s Down or Up:

Dr. D’s is apparently a new version of Mr. Nice Guy Market. It is mainly drug related with almost half ofthe listings being drugs. The only way to register, as a seller or as a buyer, is through the referral link. It offers escrow payment system.


Python Down or Up:

Python Market is mainly drugoriented market, but it also has a lot of guides and tutorials. It’s an escrow market, with Multisig option. The commission rate is low and there is also the FE option, which makes the Python Market especially interesting to vendors.

Apple Market Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Apple Market is a modernly designed market that offers Multisig transactions and escrow payment. The two most dominant categories on this site are drugs and digital items, but there are also weapons (symbolic number of them) and counterfeit IDs and bills.

Oasis Down or Up:

Oasis Marketis rich in both drugs and digital goods. There are no commissions and fees; new vendors pay $50 commission, but it is fully refunded as soon as they complete 50 orders. The market uses escrow system.

The Real Deal Marketplace

TheRealDeal Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Their focus is private exploits, source code, DNM products and hardware. Drugs and regular DNM products are also listed in The Real Deal marketplace.


Outlaw Down or Up: Down / Offline

NOTE: Outlaw Market was closed in January 2017 due to Hack/ Exit Scam. No Longer Active.

Outlaw is a relatively new market that is growing quite rapidly. Outlaw are hot on security with some nice features such as: PGP login, automatic message encryption and no internal wallets meaning that user’s funds cannot be stolen! It seems to be all good reports on this marketplace.

Acropolis Market

Acropolis Market Down or Up: Down / Offline

Acropolis Market is an unusual market where you can mainly find e-books and digital goods mainly fraud, hacking, and security related. Unlike other markets, the number of drug listings is significantly lower; and these are mostly cannabis and stimulants.
You can only register using thereferral link.

Tchka Free Market

Point / Tochka

Point / Tochka Down or Up: Up / Online

The Point / Tochka Market is a free, referral market, started in 2015 and developed by a Russian builder.

It is considered as one of the first markets offering fast delivery of products.

Moreover, Point / Tochka has instant trade feature i.e. you can buy and sell instantly, without the requirement of communication with the other party.

Opening a vendor account on Point / Tochka is free, but a free vendor account only grants limited privileges.

Point / Tochka offers 7 days escrow system and 2-of-3 multisig.

Multisig payments are available only for PREMIUM and PREMIUM+ vendors who have filled in the multisig signer wallet public key.

The Detox

The Detox Down or Up:

The Detox Market is primarily a digital-goods market, but it also has a certainnumber of drug listings.Child pornography and nudes is not allowed on the market. It is an escrow based market and it also offers Multisig;asking for FEis forbidden “unless permission has been granted.”



Bloomfield Down or Up: Down / Offline

Private shop by a vendor “Biocanna”


Leo Down or Up:

Leo Market is a brand new marketwith just a handful of listings – 2 drug and other 10 mostly digital listings. It uses the traditional escrow payment method. It resembles Agora market regarding the website layout, and the one can find both nice and not-so-nice user reviews of this young market.

DHL Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Darknet Heroes League is a strictly drug-selling Marketplace. The products are organized into several categories including Stimulants, Psychedelics, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Prescription, Opioids, Benzos, Steroids and all of these come in various subcategories.

Intelligence Black Marke

Intelligence Black Marke Down or Up:

IBM is a relatively new French black market founded in March, 2015. It boasts with full array of security measures, from mandatory 2FA, PGP, Multisig, to escrow payment system. However, in order to proceed from forum to the market, you need to pay a €30 entry fee. The market features a range of drugs, hacking services, weapons and forgery related listings.

Grams DarkNet Market Search Engine Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Grams is not actually a marketplace. It is a search engine (much like Google) that indexes the big markets and displays the best results based on your search.

Agora Down or Up:
Down / Offline

NOTE: Agora was taken offline by its administrators for security reasons after it let all of its customers and vendors take out all of their money first. They may be back in the future but not for now.

Agora has been around since way back in 2013 and still around. Agora Marketplace has over 20,000 listings it is one of the most popular marketplaces on the deep web with the best reputation. The site quite often suffers downtime due to DDOS attacks and other technical issues, but is generally a reliable market. The admin take security extremely serious so that is part of the reason they have a bit of downtime to upgrade their systems constantly, even tough it would cost them millions. Agora requires a referral link to register (included in the link below).

French Dark Net

French Dark Net Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Language/Country specific marketplace catering French market.

IDC Italian Darknet Community

IDC Down or Up:
Up / Online

Language/Country specific marketplace for Italian market.

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy Down or Up:

This is a regular escrow market and is not related to the old Mr. Nice Guy marketplace.

Oxygen Market


Oxygen Down or Up: Dead

This is from their website ” “Our mission is to make it as safe and easy as possible for all adults to buy or sell drugs.” Oxygen is relatively new marketplace.



RuTor Down or Up: Up / Online

Language/Country specific marketplace serving Russian market.

Dead Darnet Markets


Abraxas Down or Up:

Scam Warning: Admins did an Exit Scam on November 6th, 2015 and stole users bitcoins.

Abraxas Market is an escrow market place and requires referral link to signup.  The link here is a referral link.  The website layout is similar to Agora market.

Nucleus Market Down or Up:

Nucleus market supports Bitcoin, Litcoin and Darkcoin. It’s a normal escrow marketplace.



Babylon Down or Up: Dead

Language/Country specific marketplace serving Italian market.

BlackBank Market

BlackBank Market Down or Up: Dead

Scam Warning: Admins did an Exit Scammed in June, 2015 and stole users bitcoins. 

Admins did an Exit Scam and stole users bitcoins

Chris Carter Weed Shop

Chris Carter Weed Market

Chris Carter Weed Market Down or Up:

This private shop is run by Chris Carter who is a vendor who operated on French Marketplace and French Dark Net

Colombiaconnection Store

Colombiaconnection Store Down or Up:

Colombiaconnection store is opened by a level 5 vendor from EVO. Also vendor on Agora, Nucleus, Abraxas

Dark.Net Services

DarkNet Services

DarkNet Services Down or Up:

Dark Net services have hosting, vendor transaction management and vendor shop offerings.

East India Company

East India Company Down or Up:

Traditional Escrow and fully featured marketplace targeted for European nations.

French Market Place 2.0

French Market Place 2.0

French Market Place 2.0 Down or Up: Dead

Language/Country specific marketplace catering the French market.

Going Postal

Going Postal

Going Postal Down or Up:

GoingPostal is a private shop from an old SR1 vendor


GotMilk Pharmacy

GotMilk Pharmacy Down or Up:

Gotmilk is a shop from a veteran vendor selling pharmaceuticals.

Evolution [SCAM]

Evolution Down or Up: Dead

Scam Warning: Admins did an Exit Scam on  March 18, 2015 and stole users bitcoins. 

Evolution is the 3rd largest marketplace on the deep web by its number of listings. We have heard a few people rating this market and their support has been reported to be very good and quick to deal with complaints. The site now offers multi-sig transactions for all orders, but have kept escrow if you wish to still use it.

haven marketplace

Haven Marketplace

Haven Marketplace Down or Up: Dead

Multisig Marketplace. It’s generally considered in the trusted category.

middle earth marketplace



Middle Earth marketplace is maintaining good reputation since its inception. It has traditional Escrow and JavaScript feature. There is an option of turning off JavaScript.

Le marche d Horizon

Le marché d’Horizon

Le marché d’Horizon Down or Up: Dead

Language/Country specific marketplace serving the French market.

Pharma Phil


Pharmaphil Down or Up:

This is shop is by an Agora vendor. Agora Profile: agorahooawayyfoe.onion/vendor/PharmaPhil




Cocaine private store servicing Europe. Opened by an Agora and Evolution vendor.

Team Lotus

Team Lotus

Team Lotus Down or Up:

Team Lotus is opened by Agor, Middle Earth and Nucleus vendor. Grams profile: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/infodesk/vendor/0xE964D77725A3262A

Three Kinkjs

Three Kings Down or Up:

Threekings is fron old vendor that operated on multipel marketplaces.

HonestCocaine's Store


HonestCocaine Down or Up:

Private shop from an Agora and Blackbank vendor


Torepublic Market

Torepublic Market Down or Up:

Language/Country specific marketplace catering Polish market.

Underground Kings

Underground Kings Down or Up:

Private shop with Email + PGP feature

BitCloak Down or Up:
Up / Online

BitCloak is a newly released tumbler that offers some features that separate it from being more security-oriented as well as versatile when it comes to accepting payments. It features a PGP encrypted mixing order system that reduces the possibility of its users being phished.

Darknet Avengers

DarkNet Avengers Down or Up:
Down / Offline

A Darknet-based forum where users can discuss anything about Darknet marketplace and drug related. Some threads that discuss harm prevention and general health tips to minimize the adverse effects drug use.



ElHerbolario Down or Up:

A vendor shop opened by ElHerbolario, a reputable cannabis vendor from Middle Earth market. One of the most popular cannabis vendors in Europe.

URL: http://elherbowejkqwf32.onion
User Guide:
Best VPN to Hide Tor: https://darkwebnews.com/go/DNMVPNhttps://darkwebnews.com/go/DNMVPN
Forum URL: http://elherbowejkqwf32.onion/?page_id=147
Sub Reddit:


GammaGoblin Pushing Taboo Down or Up:
Up / Online

A personal shop opened by one of the Darknet Market’s famous vendors, GammaGoblin. Offers discounted prices on all products compared to centralized marketplaces.

L33ter Logo

L33TER Down or Up:
Down / Offline

A personal store opened by a famous vendor named L33TER, which mostly sells digital goods. Has an auto-dispatch system for digital orders.

Lelantos Logo

Lelantoss Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Lelantos is the email service which helps you create your account and use it for your purchases. Creating an account on Lelantos is not free. You can choose from 6-month membership, which you can get for $10, 12-month subscription for $18, to a lifelong one for $32.

maghrebhashish store

MaghrebHashish Down or Up:
Down / Offline

A vendor shop opened by a hashish and weed seller from Cryptomarket and Alphabay named Maghreb. Ships to most countries worldwide except Scandinavia, NZ, and Australia.



MedsGuru Down or Up:

A vendor store opened by a long time vendor from Evolution marketplace selling pharmaceuticals sourced from Middle East.

Megapack Logo


Megapack Down or Up: Down / Offline

Megapack is a vendor store offering a collection of all the guides, tutorials, tools and methods regarding any topic known on Darknet. All the guides are sold as a single collection which contains over 10 thousand files.

Minerva Market


Minerva Down or Up: Down / Offline

A relatively new, user-oriented Darknet Marketplace, that offers almost no restriction to listing types and 0% provision for both vendors and buyers.


Mollyworld Down or Up:
Down / Offline

Vendor shop opened by a group of coders and sellers, offering a range of pure MDMA products. Has a good reputation on Darknet and is considered by many a top supplier of MDMA.

The Hub Logo

The Hub Down or Up:
Down / Offline

One of the largest forums on Darknet, The Hub provides useful information on any topic related to Darknet marketplaces and transactions.

WallStreet Market

WallStreet Market Down or Up:
Up / Online

  • The Wall Street Market is one of the most modern, innovative and up-to-date marketplaces on the dark web, including a wide-range of special features.This multi sig darknet market grants the capability of PGP 2-factor authentication, an auto shop for digital goods and bit message notification system.Moreover, exit scams are impossible because users’ funds are never fully controlled by the marketplace.The site also features a number of interesting components, such as a badge reward system and a beneficial EXIF remover for uploaded images.URL: http://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onion/signup?ref=166794
  • User Guide:
  • Best VPN to Hide Tor: https://darkwebnews.com/go/DNMVPNhttps://darkwebnews.com/go/DNMVPN
  • Forum URL: http://x7bwsmcore5fmx56.onion/
  • Sub Reddit:

The Majestic Garden Down or Up:
Down / Offline

The Majestic Garden is a type of forum for discovering psychedelics. It is not a qualified marketplace, furthermore it does not operate with an escrow and payment system.

It only provides a listing service for customers to get into contact with others, and you shouldn’t maintain a wallet.

They charge no fees and all transactions are P2P. However, with time it may change into a regular darknet market.



TradeRoute Down or Up: Dead

The Trade Route darknet marketplace started relatively slow, but is now gathering more and more users as it grows.

Trade Route is designed by a group of experienced darknet market veterans whose goal was to overcome all of the scams related to the darknet markets and create the ultimate, ideal marketplace.

Furthermore, Trade Route grants its users optimum features such as two-factor authentication (2FA), no FE, progressively reduced transactions, a referral profit program, numerous listings, and much more…

The House of Lions Market:

The House of Lions Market

The House of Lions Market Down or Up:

The House of Lions Market (previously known as LEO Market) is a truly promising, small and not really famous dark net market.

Anyhow, the simplicity of this market (having 100 of listings, incredibly easy to use) comes at a certain cost, meaning that the escrow is centralized and you’ll not be in control of your funds.

Although, it is one of the newest dark net markets, it is attracting a lot of vendors and buyers of the dark net.

URL : http://leomarketjdridoo.onion/
Best VPN to hide TOR : https://darkwebnews.com/go/DNMVPNhttps://darkwebnews.com/go/DNMVPN
More information and screenshots :

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The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

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  75. Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    Alphabay is dead

  77. Anonymous

    hansa market is dead ???? my last login is fail

  78. Anonymous

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  82. Anonymous

    AlphaBay and Hansa taken down by authorities !!!!!
    seized all logins and shipping adresses as well

    • Anonymous

      How do you know they seized “all” shipping addresses? Wouldn’t the market only be holding addresses for orders that were in escrow, and wouldn’t most of them (if not “all”) be encrypted using the vendor’s PGP key?

  83. Anonymous

    thanks for sharing all data and comments, it’s usefull, thanks to all.

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    The only market still available is dream market.

    • Anonymous

      Dream looks slightly different now. Plus there is a bug with messages. I wouldnt fall for it. Jus leave the markets alone for a while. Sure u can find vendors away frkm markets

  86. Anonymous

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  87. Anonymous

    Registered alphabay a few weeks ago it had the fed bug I suppose as a guest it made me keep entering password username now Valhalla as a guest I was allowed entry but it’s doing the fed bug as well the smart guys have packed up and running

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  94. Anonymous

    Uh.. haven’t used dw in a good long while, so, question (please): Do the markets themselves and/or shippers keep your shipping info? If they don’t, great. If some do, can someone please tell me which ones do NOT save any shipping info? Thanks in advance!

  95. Anonymous

    If AlphaBay and Hansa were seized by the feds, and Silk Road 3 was an exit scam, why are they all still displaying a green “Up/Online” status?

    • Anonymous

      Because they are were still running for a while, the feds were controlling them.

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    How can we trust this market list when you STILL, to this day, list AlphaBay and Hansa as being among the “Five Biggest Markets” with a current status of green-for-go “Up/Online” (in two different places), even after weeks of being informed of the error numerous times. Considering this is a simple fix that requires literally 10 minutes even if the site’s code has to be changed, this exhibits a bizarre level of either gross incompetence or deliberate indifference.

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      It’s been taken over by the Feds. The owner used his personal email to contact his customers and was traced, He hung himself in jail. DON’T MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH ALPHABAY.

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    Any info would be great.

    • Anonymous

      This is not typical for dream to be “under maintenance”- I’ve been using it for years and never seen this.

    • Anonymous

      Up and running now

      • Anonymous

        It has been down now for 2 days. I just uploaded and was going to buy. CC Fullz, any other options for markets that aren’t closed ?

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    • Anonymous

      None from what I read. They are all scams. Only pin dumps may be legit, seems like a lot aren’t. Do not buy anything from Royal Cards. They just scammed a friend of mine $300.

      The Hidden Wiki will advertise false sites. They don’t care if you get scammed. Do not trust hidden Wiki.

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  115. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? All I can see there are dead markets, why are they even there? Clean it up and make a list of only those open. Anyone who doesn’t know these markets are closed doesn’t need them.
    “Dark Web & Deep Web Market List With Up & Down Daily Updated Market Status”, nonsense get yourself straight for this. Where are the OPEN MARKETS”

  116. Anonymous

    UPDATE this list and remove the dead markets so the list is manageable.

  117. Anonymous

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  161. Anonymous

    You have CGMC in the list on the right but not in the descriptions. in the main article. I think CGMC should be listed with the top markets. Valhalla is a scam if it’s not gone entirely. Is SilkRoad3 really a thing still? How many times are they going to recycle that name to scam people. Definltely shouldn’t be considered a top “market” since it’s mostly scammers.

    • Anonymous

      Hello, do you have a link for CGMC?


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