Future of Cyber Security. How to Prevent Cyber Crimes?

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The future of cyber security – what to expect in the computer security area in 2018.

Today cyber security is one of the most dynamic directions in the world of Internet technologies. Cyber-attacks have become increasingly more dangerous, with ransomware in particular having gained notable attention in 2017.  So, what we can expect in the new year for cyber security?

According to recent AT&T research, the top 5 threats organizations have faced in the last year are:

  1. Malware, worms and viruses
  2. Unauthorized access to corporate data
  3. Ransomware (the number 1 threat in healthcare)
  4. Theft of proprietary company information
  5. Compromised operational systems.

The main problem is that most businesses are not prepared for cyber-attacks. Because of this, cyber security specialists are in demand, with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 28% growth from 2016 to 2026 for Information Security Analysts. And such demand will continue to grow in the future. The main object of cyber security in the following years is not simply to detect and analyze cyber-attacks, but to prevent them – a notable industry change from being reactive to proactive.

Cyber security in 2018

As 2018 rapidly approaches, what should we expect? Unfortunately, the number of cyber-attacks will not decrease. New generations of harmful malware and cyber-attacks are complex and increasingly difficult to detect. They continue to change and evolve with time and technology, and consumers likewise need more advanced security systems to stay protected from hackers. Cyber-attacks become more sophisticated by the day and more impactful each time.

The newest cyber security solutions are based on machine learning and predictive analytics. The industry uses data from previous cyber-attacks to minimize such risks, but attack vectors and approaches change, and we need new solutions and patches each time — this is why cyber security specialists are so in demand.

At the 2017 UK Wired Security conference, several interesting projects were introduced. Here are some highlights of a few notable projects:

Your TOR usage is being watched


This project won the startup showcase in cyber security. There were judges from HackerOne, IBM, and Symantec, leaders in cyber security.


Symbol of internet security with binary character hand and padlock
Today cyber security is one of the most dynamic directions in the world of Internet technologies.

ProtectBox was designed as search website for cyber protection solutions, with any business being able to sign up for the service. After answering some questions about your current security situation, ProtectBox will show potential cyber security suppliers based on your identified requirements. Cyber security vendors can also sign-up to use ProtectBox to recommend their services to potential customers. It is an interesting project with the main idea being that everybody deserves security and should be able to easily navigate the landscape of solutions.



ImmersiveLabs is very interesting startup. It was developed to help people to improve their cyber skills. Users get points and different badges through completing game tasks. Easily accessible and entertaining cyber security education will help the public be safer and more secure online.


According to co-founder of Hook project, Oliver Rees, people are the weakest link in cyber security. The startup intends to solve this problem. Hook runs personalized phishing tests for organizations. Their testing can identify some employees who may possibly fall for scam emails, ultimately putting business data at risk.


The company offers a range of VPN hardware solutions for home users, which encrypt everything when you go online. This is to mean you do not need to install VPN (Virtual Private Network) on every device you are using to connect to the Internet.


ThreatInformer is the one of the first projects for cyber insurance. The company invented an automated security risk assessment system that creates a cyber insurance profile. ThreatInformer provides risk tracking and analytics services.


CyberSmart is trying to find the weaknesses in your security systems, fix them and provide assurance through certification of data security practices. The company is a multifaceted cyber security solutions provider with dedicated support personnel.


The project is like a digital wallet akin to an exchange platform for sensitive personal data. Verimuchme shares personal information about somebody via special encrypted channels to different enterprises upon request and the system prevents any kind of data leaking. The project has partnered with GCHQ and Wayra UK’s Cyber Acceleration Programme

Quantum Cryptography – Future of Cyber Security?

Lots of security problems occur due to low encryption levels. Researchers from several U.S. institutions (Duke University, Ohio State University, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory) invented a new system which uses quantum key distribution. This technology can create and disseminate encryption codes at megabit-per-second rates. The cornerstone of QKD is that they can put more information on the photons and combine them on high-speed detectors, even reaching five to ten times quicker than any other method can offer.

Quantum key distribution requires a set of encryption keys sent separately from the encrypted data to keep all the data hack-proof. This is an innovative and interesting solution, but it is not perfect yet and requires refinement.

As 2018 rapidly approaches, solutions to address the rapid growth of cyber threats will be increasingly necessary and the cybersecurity field will see more potential industry disruptors emerge.



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