How Might Artificial Intelligence Disrupt Cybersecurity?

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Artificial Intelligence is poised to revolutionize cybersecurity. Here’s how.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a touchy subject for most people. It’s like the marmite of the digital world, some people love the idea and some people hate it.

Whether you support it or not, the reality is that it’s growing.

AI is no longer reserved as a topic of science fiction novels, and many major corporations are making sure that it stays firmly in the limelight.

So, What Constitutes AI in Today’s World?

AI is one area of the diverse subject that is computer science. It focuses on the development of machines that are capable of reacting like humans do, and in particular, working like humans do.

These developments have already reached the mass market, although they haven’t quite reached the walking-and-talking robot stage yet.

A common example of AI at home is the Amazon Echo—one of the first examples of AI that has been truly adopted by a mass market of people.

Your TOR usage is being watched

While this form of AI can mean convenience and practicality, AI is growing in other areas as well. With developments come potentially major disruptions for the industry that is designed to protect us online—cybersecurity.

AI and Cybersecurity: Is It a Match Made in Heaven or a Potential for Disaster?

AI is going to have a massive impact on cybersecurity, both in terms of assistance and possible threat.

Some companies are already utilizing AI for the good of their online defenses. According to research from the Enterprise Strategy Group, the deployment of AI-based security analytics has been performed by 12 percent of enterprise organizations.

The use of AI may be able to help with the detection of incidents, increased response times, risk communication and a better view of overall security.

However, while the potential of AI is there, at the moment, AI-based security technology hasn’t really branched out in its own right.

Instead, it’s generally being used to aid existing technology, boosting it and improving it.

Of course, the use of AI for advanced cybersecurity is just one element of the potential changes to cybersecurity. The other story, and perhaps the biggest disruption, lies in the dark web.

AI, Cybersecurity and the Dark Web: What Can We Expect?

The internet has developed in such a way that most users now have a warped view of just what the internet actually is.

The deep web is everything that Google, or any of the other search engines, can’t lead you to. It accounts for most of the internet and is a place that most internet users either don’t know about or try to forget exists.

Behind the deep web, which isn’t all bad, hides the dark web. The security blanket that envelopes the dark web makes it much easier to commit cybercrime, remain anonymous and hide behind encryption.

Master keys on robot .
A common example of AI at home is the Amazon Echo—one of the first examples of AI that has been truly adopted by a mass market of people.

It’s here that the potential for disruption seems to be the most prominent.

The dark web is the hiding place of the worst cybercriminals, the drug trade, and what can be considered to be “extreme behavior.”

Much of the activity on the dark web is illegal.

AI has been brought in to act as a monitor for activity in the dark web. Machines that can learn algorithms can be used to explore the dark web and bring back information about cybercrime.

This lifts the veil of secrecy that has been covering the dark web for years.

AI can separate the legal sites from the illegal sites, find motivations for criminal activity, and put an end to illegal sites that sell products and services.

This could spell the complete revolution of cybersecurity and put law enforcement authorities ahead of criminals.

The Future of AI and Cybersecurity

The potential of AI and cybersecurity is that all those cybercriminals that have been able to hide could become exposed, ending some of the biggest illegal trades in the world and drastically cutting the number of cyber attacks.

Of course, there is the ongoing risk that the other side of the dark web will be able to utilize the developments in AI for themselves, evening the playing field before any major change can be seen.

What can be said for sure is that AI is going to change the face of cybersecurity, re-sparking the long-term battle between ethical hackers and hackers solely out to disrupt the digital world.

It seems that the winner will come down to which cybersecurity company can step up to the mark and make full use of AI developments.



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