Mantix4 Receives 2018 Infosec Award, States “We’re in the Era of the Dark Web”

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Cyber Defense Magazine’s InfoSec Awards winner, Mantix4, recognizes the dark web as a key player in the threat landscape.

Mantix4 takes home the 2018 InfoSec Award for showing an outstanding level of innovation in the war against cybercrime.

The cybersecurity initiative by Mantix4 has been echoed for adding a new dimension to cybercrime detection.

Instead of waiting for alerts once hacked or breached, the users through the platform can anticipate and even intercept cybercrimes way before they begin rolling.

Firms no longer need to be reactive. They can be steps ahead of any threat. With such a head start, they can effectively water down any advances made in their cyberspace.

Thanks to Mantix4’s proactive modules, companies can enjoy a much safer online presence, and the innovators get to walk away with the InfoSec prize as the Most Innovative Threat Hunting Platform for their efforts; win-win.

The InfoSec Awards acknowledges the most outstanding firms offering the best and most innovative countermeasures against online insecurity. This yearly prize is courtesy of Cyber Defense Magazine and features young, upcoming and already established companies in the information security sector.

Your TOR usage is being watched

At the heart and core of all these companies is ensuring safe and secure online platforms by utilizing advanced computing and innovations to scale to higher heights of cybersecurity.

The Rising Rate of Online Threats

Announcing the 2018 winner, Gary Miliefsky acknowledged the increasing rate of threats from online attacks. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine, cited the rising population of cybercriminals and hackers as well as an increasing population of harmful software all over the internet.

Coming up with the winner isn’t a walk in the park. The magazine assessed the potential work and input of over 3,000 firms before settling on Mantix4 as the winner for its respective award.

A major problem that hinders the efforts to eliminate cybercrime is lack of sufficient and thoroughly equipped people, covering physical equipment as well as intellectual power and necessary training to advance countermeasure efforts.

Mantix4 brings a new way to solve this dilemma. Their platform makes detection and disruption of cyber threats so easy that a rookie can find their way through it. It highlights suspicious activity by keeping tabs on trends in a network.

This offers a better solution through preventive measures than waiting to employ curative measures after an assault. By then, it could be too late. Money, time and reputation could have already been lost, and the latter is difficult to reconstruct to its original stature.

According to the 2016 Internet Crime Report, the losses encountered by reason of cybercrime had accumulated to $4.63B in a span of four years beginning 2012. Stubbs adds that projections show that these losses will continue to rise.

By 2021, the CEO of Mantix4 predicts the levels to be at about $6T in losses. Though the future looks bleak, companies like Mantix4 are restoring the hope of winning the war against online insecurity.

John Stubb, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Mantix4, states that with the ongoing trends in the dark web, being reactive will not yield much fruit.

He advocates for a reactive mechanism, explaining that there is malware that can lay harmlessly in wait in a network without alerting the professionals securing the network. The best solution is to dig up these threats before they manifest their true colors, says Stubb.


Person research for potential cyber signals.
Cyber Defense Magazine hosts the InfoSec Awards in a bid to recognize and encourage creative efforts toward eliminating cybercrime.

M4 is a cyber-security provider whose unique solution stands out from the rest of the population.

The firm runs a solid four chain protocol that effectively deals with online threats; analyzing, hunting, disrupting and neutralizing them.

Their model helps leverage resources toward a prevention-oriented mechanism rather than a curative mechanism. The idea behind the development of Mantix4 in 2011 is to allow information security personnel more capabilities to fight intrusions.

This is achieved through the availability of real-time relevant data on trends in the network together with Intel on any suspicious activity.

In simple terms, as said by the company’s CEO, M4 is about hunting and flushing out the threats from wherever they are in the network. Nothing is left to chance, both visible and pretentious hidden malware is detectable through M4’s platform.

Cyber Defense Magazine

Cyber Defense Magazine hosts the InfoSec Awards in a bid to recognize and encourage creative efforts toward eliminating cybercrime. Through this endeavor, companies doing great things in the line of information security are brought to light.

Additionally, the magazine is bent on broadcasting knowledge for the benefit of internet consumers and companies altogether. This knowhow incorporates new and brilliant ideas as well as releases in the sector of technology that have just freshly hit the market.

Moreover, their catalog features tales from real people in the real world to give a perspective to readers of the global direction and trend of cybercrime.



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